November 1, 2019

Latoya Bradley: I Know My Worth

Latoya Bradley inside a warehouse

Donald Owens (left) and Latoya Bradley (right).

"If you want something, don't wait around for anybody to give it to you – go get it yourself!" Wise advice given to new supervisor Latoya Bradley long ago that she has embraced throughout her career. She joined our company's Team Leader Development Program (TLDP) to get outside her comfort zone and learn new problem-solving and leadership skills.

She and her classmates, spent seven weeks together and in the summer of 2019, they graduated from the program. Shortly after, Latoya earned a promotion to supervisor – demonstrating the value of the TLDP.

“Front line team leaders are the problem-solvers who can impact the company and their team, said Donald Owens, Operational Excellence Lean technician. “The skills they learn in this program are essential to that performance.”

Here’s more about Latoya’s experience, in her own words:

What surprised you about the TLDP experience?                  

I was surprised to learn about all of the different elements that a team leader needs to be successful in their role. The personality assessment was a big one for me. It opened my eyes to my strengths and weaknesses as a leader and showed me what I needed to work on to be better.

Name a characteristic that every team leader should possess.

Team building and great communication skills.

What advice would you give someone entering the TLDP for the first time?

Be open minded and ready to absorb those team leader fundamentals.

How will you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

I will continue to be willing to step out of my comfort zone to explore new opportunities and tasks, and take the initiative to continue with my self-growth, because I know my worth.

Said Donald: “I could not be more proud of Latoya for not only embracing the learning opportunity, but also for using her skills to achieve the next level in her career – and in record time!”

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