September 27, 2021

Veronica Narváez Impacts Lives at Work, Makes a Difference in our Latinx Community

Veronica Narvaez

Veronica (right) with her mother, Evangelina, the day she received her Master’s degree: “This was a special moment with my mother. I received my Master’s on my maternal grandfather’s birthday, wearing a dress that once belonged to my maternal grandmother. Both had passed, but were with me in spirit.”

Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15 to October 15, and Trane Technologies is celebrating the cultures, achievements and contributions of Hispanic Americans. Get to know Veronica Narváez, Operational Excellence transformation coach, in Dallas.

Veronica’s parents immigrated to the U.S. from two different parts of Mexico – Coahuila and Zacatecas – and met in the small Texas town of Rocksprings. Jose Angel and Evangelina raised Veronica and her three siblings to love learning and make the most out of life while helping others.

Veronica and her siblings are a generation of firsts for their family. First American citizens; first to learn English; first to have the opportunity to advance beyond elementary school; and first to graduate high school and earn bachelor and postgraduate degrees. And Veronica is the family’s first engineer.

“When I was growing up, I always wanted to tinker with things and see how they worked,” she said. “My parents gave me the freedom to take apart broken items and try to fix them. In college, I was drawn to industrial engineering because I wanted to make improvements that could positively impact the lives of others, whether they’re through processes, ergonomics or products that are easier to use.”

Veronica brings her curiosity, love of learning and drive to help others to Trane Technologies, where she is the Operational Excellence transformation coach for our Commercial HVAC manufacturing facilities and sales offices in the Americas.

Helping others in more ways than one

In addition to empowering teams to make process improvements in our facilities, Veronica volunteers her time, talents and expertise to the steering committee of the Global Organization of Latinos, one of Trane Technologies’ eight Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

“When I was searching for my next job opportunity, Trane Technologies’ Employee Resource Groups drew me to the company,” Veronica said. “And not just the Global Organization of Latinos, but all of the ERGs and other inclusion efforts, such as membership in the Paradigm for Parity coalition.

“And when I read about other people’s experiences working for Trane Technologies – both past and present – I knew leading inclusively was a way of life here, and I wanted to be part of it.”

Driven to help where help is needed, Veronica took on the volunteer role of marketing and communications for the Global Organization of Latinos steering committee, something she says is outside her wheelhouse. So, what does the role involve?

“Lots of learning,” Veronica laughed. (Are you noticing a trend here? She’s always learning!) “I’m not afraid to go in and tinker, or find out who I can ask for help. Just like in my Operational Excellence role, I’m looking for ways to help support and make improvements where I can.

“It’s important to me to that everyone has a voice, and as a member of the steering committee, I want those voices to be heard, and to seek out the voices we’re not hearing. Many of us know what it’s like to be ‘the first.’ We must reflect on the actions we’re taking to ensure we aren’t the last.”

Employee Resource Groups are important

Veronica says our ERGs are important, especially the Global Organization of Latinos, because Latinx is a growing demographic, and she wants to “make sure we’re growing, learning, improving our knowledge and opportunities and seeing what’s available to us. Having space to learn, talk and share means increasing our cultural awareness and development opportunities; our ERGs are safe spaces to have those discussions.”

Hispanic culture is actually made up of many different Latinx cultures, and the Global Organization of Latinos allows the group to celebrate those differences, and according to Veronica, find the beauty in them, as well as identify some of the similarities. The ERG also focuses on ways to develop its members, supports diversity recruitment and promotes community outreach.

“Participating in these activities is helping me achieve one of my professional goals for 2021 – to uplift people, culture and communities, and advocate for equality and equity for all,” Veronica said.

Q&A with Veronica

When did you start with our company? January 2019

What is the coolest thing you’ve ever tinkered with? I was an adult – not a kid tinkering with things – when I replaced the alternator in my car. I’d had no previous automotive experience, but necessity begets ingenuity and it had to be done. A huge part of Lean thinking and Operational Excellence is about challenging what’s possible. I didn’t know how to change an alternator, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to succeed.

What is your favorite cultural tradition? My favorite tradition is the importance we place on family. We’re very family-centric. The connection between us is forever, and we’re showing this to my nieces and nephews. My mother even learned how to use a smartphone and became comfortable with video chatting so we could stay connected even during the pandemic. We may not talk every day (although we usually do!) or see each other every weekend, but we find time for one another, whatever it happens to look like.

Who is in the family you live with? I live with my wife, Justine, and our 17-year old Siberian Husky/Border Collie puppy, Timber, in Dallas, Texas.


Veronica (right) and her wife, Justine, and the Lego personas they take photos of when they travel.

Why is it important to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month? It’s important to recognize the achievements and contributions of the Latinx community – and to acknowledge and celebrate the differences in all of the cultures. There is a strength in diversity, and the best team is a diverse team.

What is it like working for an inclusive company that uplifts its people and makes a difference in our communities? It is just as refreshing and exciting today as it was on my first day with Trane Technologies. With our inclusion efforts and 2030 Commitments, I’m proud to work for this company and I never hesitate to share open positions. Let’s see who will join Trane Technologies and help us continue to do all this good.

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