February 8, 2022

Cory Sauls: Diversity is key to our success

Cory Sauls

February is Black History Month, and we’re proud to share the stories of Black employees at Trane Technologies. Get to know Cory Sauls, vice president, Project Management Office, Commercial HVAC Americas.

Cory joined the company in April 2001 as Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) facilities manager after eight years in manufacturing roles at General Motors. Since then, he’s served as plant manager; orchestrated global process, productivity and margin expansion improvement projects; and led engineering and product development teams—all in different businesses. These diverse experiences make him uniquely qualified to lead Commercial HVAC Americas’ Project Management Office (PMO).

The PMO provides governance, or rules, for how the business pulls together its investment portfolio. Cory’s team stands up the business’s investment decisions by taking them through the process from idea to value. They do the legwork behind the scenes to set the scope, risk, trade-offs and plan the resources for designing, material procurement, manufacturing, marketing and selling new products. He says his diverse career experiences have been important to his success in this role.

When thinking about diversity & inclusion at work, Cory sees beyond race and gender to also include diversity in experience, whether it’s through working in different businesses, functions or cultures.

“Diversity of experience allows an individual or a team to see a problem from different angles and devise a better solution,” Cory said. “If you were to look inside my mud room, you would see many pairs of shoes lined up. I’ve walked in a lot of different shoes during my career.”

Cory Sauls family

Cory loves enjoying the outdoors with his family. Cory and his wife, Monica, with their three children, Cortney (left), Cayden (center) and Maya (right).

Champion of diversity

As a founding member of the OneTen Coalition, Cory says Trane Technologies is at the beginning stages of transforming our workplace to reflect the communities we live and work in, and he believes we can get there together. When Cory joined the PMO as senior director in late 2015, he was the first and only person of color, and the team was all-male. That quickly changed, and Cory is proud to call his team of 20 project leaders and three directors a rainbow coalition. He’s cultivated a much more diverse and effective team.

“We develop leaders, not just project managers, and my team includes just about every perspective,” Cory said, “because I’ve hired the best talent,”—regardless of what they look like, who they love or where they come from.

“The best way to represent my and Trane Technologies’ values is through my actions,” he added, “and becoming co-executive sponsor of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) with Tyrone Ellis and co-leading Commercial HVAC’s Black Leader Mentor Circle with Chevon Ballard, are important endeavors that allow us to go to work for diversity and gender parity every day until we fully accomplish it.”

Our culture is why he stays

Cory was attracted to our company many years ago by the opportunities, and he stays for the satisfaction he derives from our common purpose—to boldly challenge what's possible for a sustainable world—and a strong sense of belonging intrinsic to our culture.

“I feel welcome here,” he said. “I’ve built lasting relationships at work, and friendships that exist outside of work too.”

He describes Trane Technologies’ culture as one where he’s consistently challenged, surrounded by people who want to win—by doing what’s right and by living out our leadership principles—and encouraged to grow, together, for the mutual benefit for all.

“This is why we continue to win in the marketplace,” he said. “Our human capital is our secret weapon; our people, our diversity and the culture we thrive in give Trane Technologies the competitive advantage.”

At the heart of our 2030 Commitments

Cory says his work in the PMO is at the heart of Trane Technologies’ 2030 Commitments, and it’s an exciting place to be.

“We’re talking about how we improve our next set of offerings from a sustainability standpoint,” he said, “looking at electrification, and giving consumers options for products that are better for the environment.

“And it’s empowering to be at the center of it all. Every day when I go to work, I’m working on an investment that gets us closer to achieving our 2030 Commitments. The commitments give me a purpose that’s easy to wrap my head around and get excited about. What I do at work matches my own value system and what I think is important. I wish more companies would be willing to take such a bold stance.”

Cory Sauls wife and children

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