February 7, 2022

Thavane De Souza dares to take a chance on life

Thavane De Souza

We believe in boldly challenging what’s possible for a sustainable world. We are curious. We push boundaries. We innovate. Where others see limits, we see possibilities.

Thavane De Souza, a financial controller in Dubai, is a prime example. She sees possibilities in challenges, especially when it comes to reaching personal and professional growth. And she’s proven it by seeking opportunities to be bold and step out of her comfort zone, time and time again.

Expanding her horizon

When Thavane started her career at Trane Technologies, she was living in Brazil, her home country. She spent three years initially working as an accountant. But she had a big goal—she wanted to learn English. So, she quit that job and moved to Ireland without knowing any English at all. The move changed her life.  

After spending two years learning English, she grew to love Ireland and decided to stay, taking a role as a trainee accountant for another small Irish company. But Thavane had her sight set on an international organization with unlimited potential for work opportunities across the globe, where she could explore new locations and grow—leading her to apply for an accountant position, again at Trane Technologies in Ireland.

“It’s a great organization. I was grateful when I was hired. After staying in that role for 3.5 years, I wanted to explore other areas of the business. I began searching for new opportunities on the company’s career page, and even when I wasn’t selected, I continued to look and apply for jobs. You never know if you don’t take a chance and try,” shared Thavane. “I eventually saw an opportunity in Dubai as a finance controller, though I didn’t have all the experience for the role, I applied and got the job.”

Continuing to grow

In 2021, Thavane moved to Dubai, once again leaving a place she’d grown familiar with for the unknown. This time in the middle of a pandemic.

“I did it by myself. I didn’t know anyone. This was a new place and a new culture. And my new role involves a lot more responsibilities. It’s been an adjustment,” said Thavane. “Every day, I have a lot of challenges. But my leaders help me get through them. They’re always encouraging me and telling me not to give up.”

The support she gets from leaders, the opportunity to explore areas of interest, and the opportunity to advance her career have kept her at our company.  

“Here, you can explore your career interests. Even when you don’t necessarily have the background, you get a chance—but you have to go for it. There are opportunities in many areas of the business. In every role, I’ve learned so many things,” shared Thavane. “And I’ve always had good managers behind me. They’ve coached me, provided advice, and given me constructive feedback when I’ve needed it. They inspire me to push myself.”

Taking on the future

While pushing out of her comfort zone isn’t always comfortable, it’s helped her grow. Now, eight months into her role, Thavane feels more confident. She’s excited about the possibilities for her career and future.

“I enjoy doing what I do—it makes me feel useful and helpful. It moves me. I’m constantly challenging myself. While there have been struggles learning English and moving to different countries, I don’t regret anything. I’m happy I keep putting myself out there,” shared Thavane. “My family asks me if I’m ever going to return to Brazil, and I don’t think I am. I can’t say for sure what’s ahead, but I’ll continue to explore.”  

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