March 16, 2023

Thriving as an Account Manager

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For HBCU alum For Scott Seaborne, a great company, culture, team, and job variety make this the perfect role.

We are passionate, pioneering people who uplift others and thrive through meaningful careers and an inclusive, supportive workplace community.

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. That is the approach Scott Seaborne took to work at Trane Technologies.  After learning about Trane Technologies at a virtual career fair for HBCU alumni sponsored by the company HBCU connect, Scott, a graduate of Cheyney University--the nation’s first historically Black institution--was eager to work for the company.

“Everything I heard--about Trane Technologies' commitment to sustainability and changing the world and its culture--- sounded awesome. I did outside research and saw rave reviews about the culture,” shared Scott. “I knew I wanted to work for the company. I applied for a Sales Leadership role.”

Scott went through the interview process, and though he didn’t get the position, he did get honest feedback. The feedback was helpful--it was the most feedback he’d ever gotten from interviewing. And he was encouraged to apply for an Account Manager role because it would be a better fit.

He really wanted to work for the company, so he applied, went through the interview process again, and got the job.

And it is a great fit.

Day and the life of an Account Manager

While no day is quite alike, there is one commonality: customers are at the center of his daily tasks. When he sits at his desk with his cup of coffee in the morning, Scott reviews a list of priorities, then he narrows the list to his top three activities for the day.

His priorities may include calling an existing client who left a voicemail the day before, reaching out to a newer client to continue nurturing that relationship, or working with the service team to help resolve internal customer issues. He may also need to set up appointments to visit new and existing clients. In between tackling his priorities, he’s also attending meetings and addressing new projects that may float across his desk.

There are also times he’s traveling—across his city or to different cities within his territory to meet with clients. He enjoys the balance of working from the comfort of his home and traveling to connect with clients in person.

“My role involves a lot of flexibility, collaboration, customer service, problem-solving, relationship building, marketing, and sales. The job is perfect for me,” said Scott.

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Culture is everything

Scott also attests that the company culture is as great as he hoped.

"I always wanted to work for a company with a great culture. That's what drew me here, but a part of me felt like everything I heard was too good to be true. After being in this role for over a year, I can say that the culture matches what I heard at the career fair and the reviews I read," shared Scott.

"There’s a strong sense of community here—the people you work with are like your family. Team members help each other out. People are eager to answer any questions you have. You get support and opportunities to reach professional and personal goals. The environment is open and inclusive. I love what I do, the people, and what the company stands for. I know I'll work here until I retire.”

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