September 25, 2020

Brittany Kelly: Hiring Tips for Today

Brittany Kelly

Brittany Kelly is a Talent Acquisition Team Lead with Trane Technologies. She's also a brand ambassador, talent connector, and sourcing enthusiast. She has spent over 14 years connecting individuals with opportunities that inspire and excite them. She has been a part of the Trane Technologies family for over 4 years, currently leading a Talent Acquisition team that supports Finance, IT/Digital, HR, Communications, Legal, and Marketing. 

COVID has had a profound impact on the world, and is certainly a topic on many job seekers' minds. Brittany shares ideas to consider to best represent yourself and experience. 


How can a candidate best represent a gap on their resume?

Life happens, sometimes we need to step away from work for a duration of time, be it voluntary or involuntary. The most important thing to do when addressing gaps in employment is to be honest. If the gap is minimal (<3 months), an explanation isn’t necessary, this can be addressed during the phone interview. If the gap is longer, however, include experiences gained during that time period that helped you personally or professionally. Examples could include: freelance work, staying at home with children, being a caregiver, taking a sabbatical, going back to school, etc. 

What makes a strong interview? 

There are the traditional answers to this – be prepared, do your homework on the company and interviewers, follow the STAR method when answering questions, be clear and succinct….while yes, I would agree that all of these are important, I personally think the strongest interviews are with those that are genuine. Be yourself! Let your personality shine through! Show your curiosity by asking questions, let your energy, enthusiasm, and passion speak as highly as your skills and experience. Culture is such a big part of our company, I love seeing how candidates could contribute to that strong culture.

What’s important for a candidate to know post-COVID?

It’s one thing to lead amid rainbows, butterflies, and sunshine. The true testament to leadership, however, comes when successfully navigating rough, choppy, and ambiguous waters. Our leadership team has done just that – they were immediate in their response to COVID-19, continue to put our employees, customers, and distributors health, safety, and well-being first, have provided transparent and regular communication, and have taken this as an opportunity to continuously improve by learning and growing each day. 

What’s the best place to find out info on Trane Technologies?

Our employees! No one understands our business and culture better than those that live and breathe it every day. Our employees are the heartbeat of our company- their passion, knowledge, and hunger to challenge possible has molded us into the company we are today.  

What’s the best video interview tip? With a interview panel?

We can all appreciate that technology is great….when it’s working! Take the time well before your interview to ensure you have a stable internet connection, and your video link, webcam, and audio are all working appropriately. I would also encourage finding a quiet, well-lit, and private place that provides minimal interruptions or distractions.  

Check back to A View into the Company for future tips from our recruiting team!

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