December 4, 2019

Employee Spotlight: Misty Forbus

Misty wearing a Trane Supply shirt

Since joining Trane Supply, Misty Forbus not only has risen to the role of Store Lead in her Montgomery, Ala. branch, but she’s also the only woman currently on the State of Alabama’s Board of Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Contractors. A lofty role reserved for the most seasoned and knowledgeable professionals in the state.

Pretty impressive especially considering that just four years ago she was working in an entirely different industry.

From Tires to Trane

Surprisingly, Forbus’s road to her new career began with tires. She began her career in 2004 as a bookkeeper for a tire dealership and eventually expanded her duties to include working with the technicians to generate repair quotes. She then moved on to a service role with a luxury dealership before moving on to a sales role, covering the southeast US for six years, for a tire wholesaler.

When she began looking for the next step in her career, she came across an opening with Trane Supply. The idea of working close to home and being around her family was attractive. The idea of jumping into a new industry, especially after 11 years in the same industry was slightly intimidating.

“It was a struggle,” recalled Forbus. “I was like, do I keep doing what I know, or do I put myself out there and try something different?”

Digging the Initiative

Forbus said when she begins a job, she tends to “dig around and really figure out how I’m going to buckle down and make this mine, how I’m going to make this happen.” She said after she was hired as a CSR in March 2015, any fears she may have had about her new opportunity were snuffed out “pretty immediately.”

After just two years, Forbus was appointed to the State of Alabama Board of Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Contractors.

“That was pretty exciting,” said Forbus, who said her role has allowed her how to help her customers navigate the state’s regulations and continuing education requirements – the personal tricks of the trade.

“It’s more guidance that I’m learning, how to help customers in different ways,” said Forbus. “Not just sales-related.”

The Next Step

When asked if she had any advice for other professionals considering a change, especially those with more than a decade in another field, Forbus didn’t hesitate.

“If anyone is looking to make a big change and they’re going to a company like Trane, I say go for it,” said Forbus. “The support is there.”

As proof, Forbus was promoted last year to Store Lead at the Montgomery branch. Since then she’s diversified her resume to include employee reviews, budgets and various financial skills, giving her even more options for her future.

“I’m glad I’ve had a rewarding career here so far,” said Forbus. “This is the company I think I’ll retire with, I’m not changing fields.

“And that feels good to know.”

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