February 19, 2018

Engineering Week 2018

Alexis Johnson

Alexis Johnson, Intelligent Services and Controls Account Manager                                                                                                                                                                                        

Why are you proud to be an engineer?

Being an engineer, you fail a lot. You test a new idea, invent a new product, implement a new application, or try a new process, and then it fails. Failure is a part of learning and a stepping stone of the pathway of success. Thomas Edison said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” I get the privilege of failing every day and that does not make me a failure. That makes me an engineer and I’m proud of that.

Why do you love engineering?

Engineers are change makers. They are innovators, trail blazers, and dreamers. They find new and creative ways to make the world a better place. I love engineering because the impacts of engineering leave a legacy for generations to come.

Julie Eagle

Julie Eagle, Systems & Compliance Engineer

Why are you proud to be an engineer?

While the term “engineering” might conjure up images of spreadsheets, graphs and greasy tools, the best solutions are simple, elegant and efficient.  There is something awesome about taking the chaos of seemingly infinite possibilities and methodically refining it down to an optimized solution and I’m proud to be part of that.

Why do you love engineering?

As a kid, I loved Bill Nye, zoos, museums and just learning about how things work.  Engineering is all about figuring out how something works when it doesn’t exist yet. New products build on existing technologies and often integrate new ideas from the latest research, so it’s a great career for people like me who want to keep exploring new ideas.

Shannon Bumgarner

Shannon Bumgarner, Category Manager, Global Integrated Supply Chain

Why are you proud to be an engineer?

I am proud to be an engineer as this profession gives you a front row seat in solving some of the world’s toughest challenges including food availability, energy usage reduction and global connectivity. Engineering allows you to leverage a complex blend of creativity and problem solving skills to create new opportunities while improving the lives of others.  

Why do you love engineering?

I love engineering because it has given me diverse opportunities to build sustaining processes and systems. Each of these situations, while they may use similar concepts, requires innovative thinking and the ability to “connect dots” across disparate products, processes, and cultures.  Such connection often leads to breakthrough results and a self-sustaining system yielding benefits for years to come.  One of my most fulfilling experiences is to reengage with a system I helped build – the ability to see how it has flourished and contributed to ongoing operational excellence.

Eric Befidi

Eric Befidi, Director Product Management

Why are you proud to be an engineer?

To me, I take pride in solving problems. As an engineer, we experience the satisfaction of seeing our efforts come to life, from a simple idea generated in our minds to something of beauty that can help better human kind. It is one of the few profession where we can make a difference when truly expressing the power of human collaboration. 

Why do you love engineering?

For me the love of engineering goes back to the love of problem solving in my younger days. Engineering has allowed me to be creative, design things that matter, solve problems, make a difference and best of all work with some great people.

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