September 14, 2020

Get to Know: Christian Solorzano, and his Passion for Inclusivity

Christian Solorzano

Christian and his father, Belisario, at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Christian says it’s every Hispanic kid’s dream to see their team make it to the World Cup, so he made this possible for his father to show appreciation for his sacrifices.

Christian Solorzano is indirect procurement project manager at Trane Technologies, and he chairs Global Organization of Latinos (GOL), one of our eight Employee Resource Groups. He’s passionate about promoting inclusion and continuous improvement. Find out how Christian lives his passions to help develop our inclusive culture at Trane Technologies.

Why are Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) important? ERGs are important because they raise cultural awareness, provide opportunities for social and career networking and positively impact our communities. Trane Technologies’ Global Organization of Latinos (GOL) holds many events that touch on all three of these pillars and dispel the idea that there is any one Latin American culture. There are 33 Latin American countries, according to the United Nations, and many unique cultures to acknowledge and celebrate.

Our ERG invited prospective college students to tour our campus and learn about careers at Trane Technologies. We’ve raised money for scholarships for female STEM students in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area. And some of our members volunteered their time and energy to teach 10-week Spanish courses to more than 100 employees during lunch hour.

Our ERG is helping us build the diverse and inclusive culture we want to experience at Trane Technologies.

Q&A with Christian:

Why do you show up every day? I show up to live my passion for learning and continuous improvement, which includes the opportunity to help create and develop the culture at Trane Technologies. I’ve been fortunate to see how my everyday work links up with our overall strategic goals, both in my role and through the ERG.

Who is your role model? My father. He immigrated to the U.S. from Peru in his mid-20s, sacrificed his career and faced many challenges to provide a better life for our family. I got to see some of these firsthand when I visited Peru in 2019 to meet extended family and see where my parents grew up. What he’s overcome is a huge display of leadership to our family.

What is your favorite moment? I owe everything I have to my father, because of what he sacrificed, and made a commitment to pay him back. It’s every Hispanic kid’s dream to go to the FIFA World Cup, so in 2018, when Peru made it to the World Cup finals for the first time in 36 years, I bought us tickets to the tournament and flights to Russia. It was so worth it to see his shock at receiving the tickets and then being at the game in person.

What impact do you want to have at work? I want to have a positive impact on our company’s inclusive culture and perspective on diversity. I love the saying, Diversity is a fact – inclusion is a choice. I want to help promote inclusion through ERG activities and my day-to-day conversations with colleagues.

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