August 29, 2019

Heavy Metal Maven: Trane’s Erica Gallant

Erica with Trane HVAC

Erica with the Trane Agility chiller, part of the EcoWise™ portfolio of products. Investing in energy-efficient products and innovation was a priority for our company on its sustainability journey to 2020. Its EcoWise portfolio is a perfect example of how this investment provides more sustainable product choices for customers to achieve their own sustainability goals. And Erica is an important part of it!

For the past 10 years, Erica Gallant has dedicated her career to chillers. The “massive, heavy-metal machines that tend to reside in the bowels of high-rise buildings and basement district-cooling facilities,” she says.

Erica is a thermal systems engineer for Trane in La Crosse, Wisconsin, but starting out, she didn’t plan on this line of work. Frequently one of “only a handful of women” on the job, her path has not been “without some unique encounters.”

Erica’s self-penned story appears in Women in the Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry: Personal Experiences and Achievements, a new booklet that the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) OzonAction and UN Women produced. Their goal is to “shine a spotlight on the largely untold story of women working in the HVAC sector, focusing on their motivation, background, challenges and daily work experience.”

You’ll find Erica’s story on pp. 198-99 of the booklet, in the United States section (stories listed by country, countries listed alphabetically). The booklet’s foreword calls all the professionals within its pages “pioneers and role models whose stories should inspire a new generation of young women to enter the world and follow in their footsteps.” Congratulations, Erica!

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