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Why We Love Working Here

Employees thrive when they flourish in both their professional and personal lives. Trane Technologies offers benefits and programs that support both. It's our employee benefits that set us apart from our competition and make us an employer of choice. We asked our employees in the United States to vote on their favorite benefits and to tell us what they love about them. See what they had to say!*


We offer a wide variety of investment options and a robust company match on employee contributions.

  • “The highest 401k match of any company that I’ve worked for!” – John

Parental Leave

Trane Technologies is pleased to offer Parental Leave. Eligible employees receive paid time off to nurture and bond with their child after the birth or placement of the child due to adoption or foster care.

  • “Parental Leave is great - Dads need the bonding time too!” – Greg
  • “I am so happy to work for a company that finds it just as important as I do to take time with my child when they are born” – Jenna

Medical Plan with Health Savings Account

Our medical plan offers low employee contributions and a choice of carriers. In addition, employees can participate in a Health Savings Account to set aside pre-tax money for health-related expenses. Participation in our wellness program offers employees and spouses covered under our medical plan the opportunity to earn generous company contributions to their HSA.

  • “I have peace of mind that my medical plan is comprehensive.” – Faith

Health Progress

Health Progress is our well-being program. It offers employees and spouses enrolled in our medical plan the opportunity to participate in a broad variety of activities to earn significant financial rewards. The program includes a physical activity program, health coaching, fitness reimbursement, company challenges and more.  

  • "My daughter receives specialized treatment on a monthly basis that is quite expensive. The health savings account contributions received on a quarterly basis {earned through activities} take the burden off of our family. Instead of worrying about the medical bills, we are able to focus on what's most important - our daughter's health and well-being.”  – Brittany

Tuition Reimbursement

Financial assistance in the form of Tuition Reimbursement is available to eligible employees who want to further their education.

  • “The tuition reimbursement program puts into action the organization's commitment to supporting growth and development.” – Jill

Vacation and Holiday Time Off

Trane Technologies offers a competitive number of paid Vacation Days and Holidays for salaried employees to use throughout the year for time outside of the office.

  • "Our vacation allotment enables a person to achieve a good work/life balance” – Blake

Back Up Care

The Back Up Care Advantage Program is a nationwide program offering employee’s discounted access to center or home based care for times when regular care arrangements for children or elderly parents fall through.

  • “When my son’s sitter was ill or unavailable, the family backup care was tremendous, and allowed my wife and I to keep working. Seemingly small benefits like child care backup go a long way towards mental health”  – Katheryn

Adoption Assistance

Trane Technologies offers Adoption Assistance to help reduce the costs associated with the legal adoption process.

  • “Having the support of a great organization was a blessing. The adoption financial assistance that Trane Technologies provided was very seamless and we couldn’t believe how fast the reimbursement was processed.”  – John

Employee Assistance Program

My Guidance Resources is our Employee Assistance Program. It provides free and confidential counseling to employees and their family members for assistance with personal issues.

The program also offers work-life services and resources to address everyday problems, such as finding child or elder care, financial or legal counseling, identify theft resolution and more. It also offers benefits designed to enhance quality of life for employees and their families, such as a discount program for shopping, entertainment and travel.

  • “The My Guidance Resources are well communicated and very convenient. There's a ready answer for any need. Having them makes me feel like I have a personal team at my fingertips, ready to help me. It makes me feel like Trane Technologies has my back” – George
  • “I contacted My Guidance Resources regarding an emotional family issue.  They were immediately helpful and referred me to a counselor that could see me within a few days.  My stress was alleviated and my work/life balance restored.  Once I had my family situation under control, I was able to better focus on my work.  All this at no cost to me!!!  Thank you Trane Technologies for supporting me and my family” – Millie

Employee Discounts

US employees have access to the Perks at Work program, which includes discounts at thousands of retailers. In addition, we also offer discounts to employees on Trane Technologies products.

  • “The Employee Discounts Program has saved our family thousands of dollars in the past three years.  We've bought everything from movie tickets and restaurant gift cards to TVs and computers through the program, and it has been very beneficial.  I've even used it to purchase gifts for family members at the holidays!” – Leslie

More Reasons Our Employees Love Trane Technologies

Flexible Work

The world of work is changing. People are increasingly looking for non-traditional ways to grow their careers while adapting to life's changing needs. Trane Technologies supports creative solutions that meet business and employee needs and better leverage the skills and capabilities of part-time workers, retirees and external networks of talent. 

We are redefining what progressive, flexible work arrangements look like at Trane Technologies.  

  • "As a mother with young children, part-time work allowed me to have both a career and a family.  I used my additional time at home to take care of my family.  Then, when I was in the office, I could focus on my work.   I will always be grateful for the opportunity Trane Technologies gave me to have it all."  – Stephanie
  • “My job share partner and I are committed to serving our client group to ensure we are successful and the business is supported. Our client group actually has the opportunity to work with two seasoned professionals who have very different passions & skills. Working in a part-time, job sharing arrangement allows me to focus on my family more while still enjoying serving my customers." – Katherine

Employee Resource Groups

Trane Technologies is committed to integrating diversity and inclusion into the core of our business. The ability to manage a diverse workforce enables Trane Technologies to drive innovation, achieve greater productivity, and service our customers more efficiently and effectively. Hear from some of our Employee Resource Group members on how diversity is part of our culture.

  • “Trane Technologies' support of the Black Employee Network (BEN) employee resource group has had a profoundly positive impact on my personal work experience. I can now comfortably and proudly bring my truest self to work, and it is invaluable knowing that I have the support of the organization in doing so. As a leader in BEN, I have been afforded the opportunity to expand my leadership skills and a safe place to try out new things.”  – Timitra


Of our numerous sustainability initiatives, one our employees are most proud of is our commitment to operating in a way that safeguards people and the environment. From little everyday practices like providing mugs instead of paper cups for coffee to recycling efforts to remain landfill free, we walk the walk in caring for our planet.

  • “We are always looking for opportunities to design our products more sustainably, whether that’s using biodegradable packaging or ‘doing more with less’ material.  I supported a project team in Residential HVAC to redesign an air conditioner’s plastic base pan (the ‘floor’ of the whole unit) using only half the original weight but all the original strength.  We achieved this goal by using computer simulation tools and real-world testing, and anticipate we’ll avoid using enough raw plastic to fill up an Olympic-size swimming pool every 3-4 years.  Examples like this are only the tip of the iceberg as Trane Technologies continues on its sustainability journey.”  – Wallace


We take pride in bettering the communities where we live and work. From volunteering with local charities, to awarding employees’ children with a scholarship, to organizing aid to our employees and their families when hit by natural disasters- Trane Technologies encourages us to make a difference.

  • “Volunteering with my team for our local Dress for Success was such a great day – knowing we were making a difference for women in our community was so meaningful to me and I’m proud I work somewhere that makes helping others a priority.”   – Caroline

*The benefits reflect our offerings in the United States for salaried and non-union hourly employees. Benefits vary by region, business alignment, union involvement, and employee status.

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We are an equal opportunity employer, dedicated to hiring a diverse workforce; including minorities, females, individuals of all sexual orientations and gender identities, individuals with disabilities, and United States qualified protected veterans.

If you are a person with a disability and need assistance applying for a job, please submit a request.