Talent Management

At Trane Technologies, we believe that developing your talent and leadership capabilities is a long-term investment in our future. Our goal is to develop multi-dimensional leaders – those who can lead both the business and our people. At every stage of your career, we offer talent management processes, tools and resources designed to reinforce your strengths, close development gaps and provide the experiences necessary to enhance your success.

Talent management with us includes providing you with a proven career roadmap, tracking your career progress, and ensuring significant leadership engagement throughout your career.


Your Career Roadmap  

Trane Technologies has developed Career Progression Models to give you a clear roadmap of the types of roles you should hold at different points in your career, and to understand what learning you should be able to achieve and apply in the future.

To help guide your decision-making – and to enable you to track your career progress -- we have also created a formula for growth that is expressed in a simple equation: 2 x 2 x 2 + 5. This equation suggests that you should gain experience in at least two Trane Technologies business sectors, two functional areas and two geographies; and also participate in at least five significant leadership experiences, such as:

  • The start up of a new business venture
  • Helping to turn around an ailing business
  • Driving growth in a mature business
  • Leading a large acquisition or divestiture
  • Implementing an enterprise initiative or service


Trane Technologies has identified and defined common leadership competencies to ensure that you always find consistent measures of leadership capability, no matter where your career path takes you throughout the organization.


Tracking Your Career Progress  

To help ensure that you are able to meet your goals, Trane Technologies employs a performance management process that provides opportunities for continuous coaching and development throughout the year.

For those interested in undergraduate or other graduate degree programs to assist in your career progress, traditional tuition reimbursement is available.


Leadership Engagement  

At Trane Technologies, you will encounter senior leaders acting as project champions, program sponsors, advisors, executive speakers, teachers and more as they regularly participate in programs spanning all phases of your career development.

Our leaders are also actively engaged in our talent review processes, from individual career dialogues, business sector-level talent discussions, and enterprise-wide succession planning. Our annual Organization and Leadership Review, which aligns our talent management processes with the company's long-range plan and identifies succession slates of talent to deliver results, includes the input of the Chairman and the Enterprise Leadership Team.

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We are an equal opportunity employer, dedicated to hiring a diverse workforce; including minorities, females, individuals of all sexual orientations and gender identities, individuals with disabilities, and United States qualified protected veterans.

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