Corporate Citizenship

Being a good corporate citizen comes with great responsibility

Our vision of a sustainable future means having an uplifting and positive impact on people and society. What we choose to invest in today, can help to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to not just dream big, but to live out those dreams in the tomorrows yet to come.

We’re paving the way with our corporate citizenship strategy, Sustainable Futures, focusing on a generation of learners with the potential to transform our way of life. And our world.

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Sustainable Futures

Our Sustainable Futures strategy consists of three pillars focused on uplifting and engaging students from underrepresented communities throughout their educational journeys.

  • Enhance Learning Environments by providing access to healthy indoor air and food.
  • Accelerate Student Success with the early introduction of STEM and sustainability concepts.
  • Open Career Pathways by providing experiences that support entry into STEM and sustainability careers.

When you look at things from a different perspective and examine them from a new viewpoint studying the macro and micro from a place of knowledge and commitment then the ordinary can be made extraordinary and anything is possible.  As a global climate innovator, Trane Technologies is committed to creating a bolder, more sustainable future. Today many children around the world lack basic resources to excel in school and in life. They are missing necessities like healthy food to fuel their bodies and clean air to improve wellness in their classrooms. At Trane Technologies we're dedicated to changing that: we believe that there's no better way to uplift our communities than by helping students by making sure they have a sturdy foundation to learn and the tools they need to propel themselves toward rewarding careers. We partner with talented non-profit organizations and together we are stimulating student’s appetites for learning and exploration, teaching them concepts around science technology, engineering, and math, providing enriching experiences introducing them to the exciting possibilities of green and stem careers and supporting their journey to rewarding and sustainable futures. We have always believed that it is our responsibility to use our resources to make life better for young people and for the communities they call home. Now through our corporate citizenship strategy, Sustainable Futures, we are investing 100 million dollars and 500,000 employee volunteer hours by 2030, providing meaningful resources to uplift underrepresented students from elementary school to vocational school or college. We'll give them access to tools that take their learning beyond the classroom and into robust internships with real-world hands-on exposure to the surprisingly diverse assortment of rewarding green and STEM professions. Everyone deserves to dream big dreams to explore, test their limits, and ultimately to succeed. According to World Inequity Database on education in 58 out of 133 countries, fewer than half of young people have not completed upper secondary school. We know that careers in the green and STEM fields are growing and pay a living wage. By first shoring up student's basic needs like food and air quality and then building pathways to solid careers through early education vocational certifications and four-year degrees we are providing young people the opportunity for better lives and helping to create a better world; one in which no one goes hungry. Then we all will contribute and play an important role in our climates and the world's future. We can show people what's possible. It is our commitment to contributing to the quality of life and opportunity for all and being a global climate innovator. We have the know-how; we have the technology and we have the people at Trane Technologies we are here to challenge what's possible for a more sustainable future.

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Engagement & Volunteerism

Giving back is central to our culture, and we do that through volunteerism, grants and many forms of engagement. We’ve set an ambitious goal of donating 500,000 global employee volunteer hours to programs that support our corporate citizenship strategy by 2030. And we’re confident we will meet it.

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Community Partners

Our impact in the community is strengthened by the many partnerships we enjoy with the devoted non-profit organizations and service providers around the world whose expertise enables us to execute our mission in schools, and other learning environments. In addition to programmatic grant funding, we provide them in-kind with volunteer and creative support to ensure that collectively we achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Like with volunteerism, we’ve set a bold goal for charitable giving. We committed to investing $100 million by 2030 in programs that help communities currently underrepresented in STEM careers gain access to healthy learning environments, rich STEM and sustainability curricula, and support for accessing rewarding careers in those fields.