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We see a better tomorrow and we boldly go.
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Trane Technologies is a climate innovator, with sustainability embedded into all we do.

When you're a part of Trane Technologies, you belong to a leading team that shares an even greater purpose – we boldly challenge what's possible for a sustainable world. We are optimistic people who believe in a better future, and in the power of inclusion and collaboration to get us there. We boldly go.

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Tomorrow is what you make it

We are passionate, pioneering people connected by a bold purpose. We uplift others, make an impact, and thrive at work and home.

At Trane Technologies we believe that with the courage to act we can change the world for the better. We see a better tomorrow that's just beyond what's possible today and we boldly go. We are passionate, pioneering people connected by a bold purpose. We uplift others, make an impact, and thrive at work and at home. When facing challenges head-on we find opportunities to uplift others welcoming diverse perspectives and ensuring we create opportunities for everyone to succeed. From our sustainable futures program that inspires the youngest learners to our genuine talented leaders who support our people we care for each other, our communities and our world we dare to do things differently innovating continuously to create a lasting positive impact on our planet. As a world-class lean enterprise our people deliver results for our customers through industry-leading brands like Trane and Thermo King. Through our bold 2030 sustainability commitments we push to create new opportunities to build on our successes we know we can succeed together by striving daily to create a lasting positive impact on our planet we cultivate an environment where our people can thrive at work and at home. We're constantly learning developing our people's skills and knowledge to prepare them for future opportunities. Not only do we provide meaningful benefits and compensation we care for our employees well-being and know that the future is better when we can all face the world's challenges with optimism and courage together. When you're a part of Trane Technologies you belong to a team that's intent on changing the course of climate history for good. We boldly challenge what's possible for a sustainable world we know the future is what we make it so we boldly go.

Uplifting Others

We lift each other up and care about the success and well-being of others.

The caring nature of this company, that willingness, that even need to uplift each other is prevalent in our teams across the world. The culture, it’s really evolved to the point where we really make an effort to make sure that everybody in our group really feels like they belong and that we’re celebrating everybody’s differences. Within our overall energy services team, we have about five people that have decided to stand up and take a leadership role in the diversity and inclusion group that we have. We’re able to get those conversations going and also encourage that culture of diversity and inclusion. We have an LGBTQ support group and an ERG. Every single time I attend one of those events, it helps me understand how can I help somebody else be their authentic self at work. Paradigm for Parity is another huge initiative that our company was an early pioneer for and a huge proponent of. Paradigm for Parity is an initiative to promote equal opportunity for women in workspace. That’s one of the things that makes me proud to work here. There’s a lot of different idea types. There’s a lot of different work styles. They all come together and different views are taken into consideration and used throughout not only our development processes but just in our culture as a whole. I actually started working as a consultant, then they made a full-time offer and I decided to take the opportunity and came on board. I was so impressed with the communication from every level to every level within the company. There wasn’t this very clear difference between leaders or executives and their employees. Every time I was on a town hall or some leadership meeting or presentation, everybody seemed to feel comfortable communicating, asking challenging questions. That was a really key indicator that it maybe is a company I could be happy at for a while. The management team always does a great job of celebrating the big wins and the personal achievements of everybody within the organization. During my five years’ stay, I received three awards. I have received the service best performer last year, 2020, which is the most meaningful because that time pandemic came and also some challenges came into my life. I don’t expect that. I just work every day, giving my best. The company leaders are really trying to make sure that there is opportunity for everyone, and they meet you where you are with your specific life circumstances. We’re all in this together, and we’re all trying to make a difference in the world.

Making an Impact  

We succeed together by striving daily to create a lasting, positive impact on our planet.

For me sustainability is making sure that our future generations are given a world that allows them to live a quality life. We're focusing on the right things at the right time and moving forward rather than reflecting on past events. It really does motivate you. I feel privileged to have my role in that I get to accomplish energy savings every single day and everything that I'm doing is working towards the sustainability goals that our company has. I was working on a military base in South Korea and there was a lot of potential for them to you know create energy savings but just to sit down with our customer and see them understanding how much energy savings were real at the end of the day when they got their utility bills made them feel good. We're doing our our due diligence to make sure that we're creating an environment that we leave for the next generation that's not worse than the one that we came into. The Trenton New Jersey facility had an absolutely fantastic project that they did in solar panels. They converted their main parking area into an overhead solar farm so that was a huge step to kind of help reduce the electrical burden that the Trenton facility had on the grid, you know on the east coast. That's an example of where the companies really invested a lot of money and a lot of resources in trying to reduce the electrical consumption of our facilities. I really believe in the mission, we're doing something you know right now we're boldly challenging what is possible for a sustainable world and that is so important to me. Before we had that mission we were bringing food to people in places that they they didn't have fresh food, we were transporting vaccine. When the first vaccines were introduced, you saw on one of the major news stations the the big trucks with the vaccines on board being hauled out of the parking lot. That was our product helping to transport this vaccine. I'm proud of Trane Technologies. We all share the same goal to go out every day and better our world whether it's through you know simple conditioning all the way to how do we you know reduce our impact on global warming. You know the shared calls make gives me enough drive that no matter what I want to contribute in any capacity.

Thriving at Work and Home

We thrive, supported by meaningful benefits, compensation, and opportunities for rewarding careers.

My company and my environment helps me grow; it helps me be the best version of who I am. I’m very lucky that I have work to this company because they are sustaining the careers of each employee. I started out fresh out of school at Trane Technologies with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering. When I moved into the reliability engineering role, I was given all kinds of training. I ended up getting a master’s in business, which also the company supported me doing that as well. As I moved into the data science, I was able to go get the continuing education that I needed to really be able to thrive in my career. They really care about your personal improvements, so I’m really happy with that. I am a mother and I have a three-year-old daughter. I’m just so thrilled because of the flexibility. Before I had that flexibility, I didn’t feel like I was giving any of my roles in life the best of me. Whereas now, I feel like I can give my all to my daughter. I’ve managed to get her ready to go out to nursery or to pre-school and then I can totally concentrate on my work then and just learn and be challenged, which I am being, and enjoy that challenge. I truly believe that you can’t be a good employee unless you take care of yourself. You’ve got to have that work-life balance, and it’s definitely encouraged. Wellbeing is a true factor of what we do. The Be Well program allows us to track our fitness steps and encourage a healthier lifestyle. There’s so many resources here. Whether it’s for mental capacity, professional capacity, or just overall to be a better person, they’re going to provide those tools to you. They give out a lot of opportunity to communicate and be open with your managers. If you’re physically having a hard time with things, there’s always someone that you can talk to. It’s nice that a company will give you the contacts that you need when you’re having a hard time or a difficult time. Our company really cares for us as people and not just employees. It makes me want to come to work every day and I’m happy every single day to come back.

How we do it

Through our strategic brands Trane and Thermo King, and our portfolio of environmentally responsible products and services, we bring bold thinking to our customers to advance the conversation on sustainability and achieve more through sustainable climate solutions for buildings, homes, and transportation.

Why we boldly go

We think culture is best represented by those who are living it. Read these stories about employees who uplift others, make an impact and thrive at work and home.

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