Our 2030 Commitments

The power to change our industry, and our world, begins with us

Global challenges inspire bold thinking, and our 2030 Commitments are changing every major facet of our business — from operations, to supply chains, to employee and community development, to governance. No matter what the challenge, we’re committed to doing what’s right and creating a better planet for us all.

Our ambitious greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets have been verified by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). We are also the first in our industry (global HVAC/climate) to have our GHG emission targets verified by SBTi, and one of only 47 companies globally to have its targets verified twice.

The Gigaton Challenge

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We’re reducing one gigaton – one billion metric tons – of carbon emissions (CO2e) from our customers’ footprint by 2030.    

How We'll Do It

We’re innovating clean technologies, advancing system level energy-efficiency, reducing global food loss and transitioning to next-generation refrigerants.

Learn more about the Gigaton Challenge in this short feature video.

Leading by Example

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We’re reimagining our supply chain and operations to have a restorative impact on the environment.

How We'll Do It

We're working to achieve carbon neutral operations, zero waste to landfills and net positive water use, and reduce absolute energy use by 10 percent. 

Learn more about our positive environmental impacts in this short feature video.

Opportunity for All

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We’re uplifting our culture and communities through an inclusive approach and a focus on education and career development.    

How We'll Do It

We’ll achieve workforce diversity reflective of our communities, gender parity in leadership roles, and create pathways to green and STEM careers.

A better world starts with us, learn more in this short feature video.

We take bold action in pursuit of our goals and share our insights along the way

With sustainability at the core of our business, we’re speaking up about the global trends that shape our goals. We’re challenging others in our industry and communities to join us.