Our Story

Redefining What’s Possible for a More Sustainable Future

We are Trane Technologies.

We are climate innovators with the courage to look at our world’s challenges and see endless opportunity. We aren’t afraid to make bold commitments that set new standards to enhance the health and well-being of our communities, customers, employees and planet.

Together with our brands, Trane and Thermo King, we bring efficient and sustainable climate innovations to buildings, homes and transportation.


Challenging possible

Urbanization, climate change, and resource constraints are dramatically reshaping our world. As a climate control leader, we operate exactly where global megatrends and innovation intersect.


A call to lead

We have a unique ability to address these challenges head on and accelerate progress. It inspires us to think bigger, act bolder, and take actions that influence global change.



A sustainable future

The goals we set for ourselves seemed implausible not so long ago. We exceeded them. Now, we’re intent on inspiring others to rise to the challenge.


Pushing What’s Possible  

We’re partners in advancing sustainability and we’re leading a global movement to address global megatrends through pioneering innovation and strategic partnerships to push what’s possible for a more sustainable future.

Our global teams innovate solutions for buildings, homes and transportation that are better for business and for the planet, meaning there is no trade-off in comfort or experience.

The Courage to Act  

There’s a global demand for innovation in sustainability and we believe changing our industries can help change the world. Having the courage to act means having the fortitude to see big ideas become industry-leading solutions that set Trane Technologies apart as a leader in securing a sustainable future.




Thinking Bigger. Acting Bolder.    

We’re innovators working in an area where there is a pressing need for leadership in efficiency and sustainability. With the environment in constant flux, we’re evolving our products, services and systems to exceed the demands of the future.

Our people dare to do things differently as we confront climate change head on.​





Taking action

Our planet

It’s the only one we’re going to get. Every single thing we do ladders up to protecting what’s above, beneath, and around us.

iconic drawing of an employee badge
Our employees

The experts who work at Trane Technologies bring the unconventional thinking needed to create lasting change. They make our success, and the success of our customers, possible.



Our customers

Our customers continue to make courageous sustainability commitments. Their passion paired with our leadership results in lasting, positive change for business and for the planet.


Our investors

There’s global demand for innovation in sustainability, resulting in increased interest in sustainable solutions. We’re leading the charge and the investment community is taking notice.


Thermo King and Trane

Our strategic brands play a huge role in our fundamental responsibility to create audacious climate solutions that will accelerate progress.


Thermo King

With environmentally friendly practices, we provide climate-controlled solutions to move refrigerated food, medicines, and other perishables around the world.



We create comfortable, energy efficient indoor environments for commercial and residential applications.