We have the opportunity to do what’s right — and create a better planet for all.
Michael Lamach

A Word From Our Chairman and CEO

“Fundamentally, we excel where global megatrends and sustainability intersect with our innovation and capabilities. Today, 15% of the world’s carbon emissions (CO2e) come from heating and cooling buildings, and another 8% comes from global food loss. And these numbers are growing. 


We are continually innovating to bend the curve on global warming. By 2030, we will reduce our customer’s carbon emissions (CO2e) by 1 gigaton by changing the way the world heats and cools buildings and moves refrigerated food, medicines and other perishables.” 

— Michael W. Lamach, chairman and chief executive officer 

Urgent global issues demand visionary leadership.

Here are three ways we’re making the right changes.

The Gigaton Challenge

We’re reducing one gigaton of carbon emissions (CO2e) from our customers’ footprint by 2030. Join us

How We'll Do It

We’re scaling technology, innovation and sustainability strategies, and rethinking our supply chain to achieve carbon neutral operations.

Our Progress


metric tons of CO2e avoided over the past six years through the use of energy efficient and low emitting technologies


countries where we are selling next generation solutions

Leading by Example

We’re reworking and converting our supply chain and operations to have a restorative impact on the environment. See our 2030 commitments

How We'll Do It

Our pledge is to achieve carbon neutral operations, deliver zero waste to landfills, become net positive with water use, and reach 10 percent absolute reduction in energy consumption.

Our Progress


total reduction in water use in water-stressed regions between 2013 and 2018


total operational energy efficiency increase over the past five years

Opportunity for All

We’re focusing on our workforce and communities by strengthening economic mobility and bolstering quality of life.

How We'll Do It

Among many initiatives, we’ll achieve enhanced workforce diversity reflective of our communities, seek gender parity in leadership roles, and provide wellness offerings for our global employee population.

Our Progress


of leadership positions were held by women in 2018


of new suppliers are screened on human rights and labor practices

Progress is seen in every facet of our businesses.

We’re leading the industry and creating positive change.

We disclose our progress through an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) lens.

Here’s how it works.

Aerial view of road in city park

Environmental Actions

We’re decarbonizing our value chain, from how we source raw materials to a product’s end of life. Since 2015, we have refreshed over 20 percent of our product portfolio to feature sustainable design.
People cleaning park

Social – People & Communities

We’re investing in the long-term well-being and development of our associates and communities. That includes new programs focusing on employee gender parity, diversity, and philanthropic giving.
Aerial view of people working at desk

Governance & Accountability

Our commitment to sustainability comes from the top of the organization. Our board of directors and councils have integrated climate risk and other sustainability issues into the top issues that we seek to address as a business.