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We work collaboratively and invite you to join us in leading the industry forward

We work collaboratively to magnify our impact.

At Trane Technologies, sustainability is part of how we operate and help our customers succeed. This commitment extends to our valued supplier partners. Working toward a sustainable tomorrow is a collaborative and mutual effort.  We are dedicated to the rework and conversion of our supply chain and operations to create a restorative impact on the environment. We invite our suppliers to join us in leading the industry forward to make better happen.

Prospective suppliers, who are interested in doing business with us, can submit a company profile to the appropriate commodity manager.

Suppliers doing business with us, please refer to the sections listed to find our Business Partner Code of Conduct, Sustainability and Diversity initiatives, online portals, and more.

Interested in becoming a Trane Technologies customer? Explore the websites of our global brands to find a dealer, distributor, or service network in your area.

Strong collaboration with our supply base is an enabler to innovation, business growth, incremental value add and resilient supply-chain while driving best in class total cost of ownership.

Kinnar Ghiya, Chief Procurement Officer
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Direct Materials Suppliers

Trane Technologies provides real-time access to information related to Purchase Orders, Delivery Schedules, Receipts, Payment status and more.

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Indirect Materials Suppliers

Trane Technologies uses Coupa to transmit purchase orders and receive invoices from our indirect suppliers.

Additional Supplier Resources

OTM Supplier Portal

Trane Technologies is working to ensure compliance with using the Inbound Transportation Planning portal to plan shipments from your site to Trane Technologies facilities. Using the portal will ensure that we are using contracted carriers and can track our transportation costs in real-time. Shipments are entered by your team, and the Trane Technologies’ Transportation Planning team will tender the shipment to the correct carrier.

If currently not using the OTM Portal, utilize the Rate Inquiry (RIQ) documentation (pdf) to choose a carrier. This is to be used until you are onboarded to the OTM supplier portal. Please make every effort to use the OTM Portal.

For any questions, please reach out to

*The OTM Supplier Portal/RIQ only services domestic shipments

Survey Request Information

For a full listing of survey and data requests coming from Trane Technologies, please review our Supplier Survey Request Documentation that provides information on communication method and frequency. 

Tavant Warranty System

At Trane Technologies some of our business units require the use of Tavant which is a Global Warranty System. Those Business units include Thermo King North America, Thermo King EMEA, Trane Commercial North America, and Trane Commercial EMEA. As suppliers to Trane Technologies, you may be required to utilize this portal to:

  • Receive updates on your warranty claims
  • Find information regarding your warranty claims
  • View recovery claims of your parts that failed under warranty in the field
  • Assign RMAs to get parts back to perform root cause analysis
  • Accept or reject warranty claims
    • For approved claims, a supplier must submit a credit memo

Tavant Portal Access

If access is required to the Tavant Portal, a Trane Technologies employee will grant a user access if/when they are required to review warranty claims. No requests for access are needed as it is granted on a need-by basis.

Tavant portal link - Tavant Portal Login Page

System Support

If you have questions or concerns about using the Tavant Warranty System, contact your local Trane Technologies Warranty point of contact for assistance. 

Trade Compliance

It is Trane Technologies’ policy to comply fully with the Customs laws, regulations and policies of all countries where it does business. Trane Technologies recognizes that the United States government and the government of other countries have laws, regulations and policies which control the international movement (import and export) of goods, technology and data. Trane Technologies further recognizes the importance of compliance with these laws, regulations and policies. Failure to comply may result in severe penalties to Trane Technologies and/or individual employees, including monetary penalties, adverse publicity, loss of import/export privileges, delay or seizure of shipments, and in extreme cases, criminal penalties (fines and jail terms).

If you have any questions, contact your Trane Technologies Global Procurement representative who will direct you to the appropriate Trade Compliance contact. 

For suppliers doing business with us, please read or download the following:


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