Global Parts iSupplier Portal Training

Trane Global Parts Suppliers to be on-boarded onto iSupplier are required to view the 5 training modules below under actions. You must take the Registration Quiz and send your results via email to in order to become registered. Questions on the training modules can be sent to the same email address.

We will be responding to emails as they come in and in addition posting new FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) via the link below. 

Please note, this training is specific to Trane Global Parts.

Please take the following 5 modules in the order shown below.

Order of Trainings:

  1. Recorded Training Session
  2. iSupplier Overview
  3. Viewing POs
  4. Shipping Information (This does NOT apply to drop ship orders)
  5. iSupplier Invoice Payment Training
  6. TGP Registration Quiz

How to Process Documents:

Tips & Tricks:

If you have Windows 10, you should use Internet Explorer 11(IE11) instead of the new Edge Browser that come seeded with Windows 10, or use the latest version of Firefox.


supplier zoom window

You can use the Zoom or Fit to window to allow you to view the PDF training modules in proportion to your monitor.

Navigate through the course via the tool bar.

*If you experience issues with accessing the training modules, please check your system to verify you have Adobe 9 or greater and Adobe Active X & Plugin ( Adobe Help ). Contact your local IT department if further assistance is needed to view PDF files.

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