ESG Report

We’re working to create a better planet for all

Bold Action for a Sustainable Future

At Trane Technologies, we embrace the opportunity to do what’s right for our people and planet to create a better world for all. Sustainability is core to our business strategy and is embedded in our operations, products, services, and culture. 

Our 2020 ESG report is proof of the bold actions we’re taking to create a sustainable future: for our company, for our planet, and for our communities. 

Preparing the Cold Chain for Vaccine Distribution

As pharmaceutical companies developed and tested COVID-19 vaccines, Trane Technologies Thermo King innovated refrigerated transport and storage solutions to meet the ultra-low precision temperature requirements of some of the new vaccines. Building from a solution initially developed to transport sushi-grade fish, we re-imagined our portfolio of products to enable efficient vaccine transport via air, sea, rail, ground, and last-mile. Our number one goal? Minimizing vaccine loss while accelerating the mission to getting the life-saving medicines to the global community. 

Launching a Center for Healthy & Efficient Spaces

As the COVID-19 pandemic shut down schools, offices and entertainment venues, awareness grew around the importance of safe indoor air. Trane Technologies knew it could convene leaders and catalyze efforts to build resilience for businesses and communities. To advance our efforts, we launched the Center for Healthy and Efficient Spaces (CHES) in September 2020. Led by our Vice President of Innovation & Product Excellence, Rasha Hasaneen, CHES is bringing together experts and technologies inside and outside the company to address indoor environment and sustainability challenges during the pandemic and beyond.

Creating Sustainable Cities: Connecting a Vertical Urban Village

Once a dormant building that sat idle for almost 20 years, Crosstown Concourse is now a thriving hub in Memphis, TN. Trane Technologies installed over 1,200 pieces of connected equipment throughout the facility’s buildings to optimize operations, track tenant energy use, and troubleshoot issues. To date, Crosstown Concourse’s energy costs and carbon emissions have decreased 3% each year since the building’s 2017 re-opening. The facility is on track to save $760,000 in annual utility costs and 8,400 tons of carbon emissions per year, all contributing to our Gigaton Challenge. Read more about Crosstown Concourse here

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