Packaging Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to clearly define packaging expectations of Trane Technologies' plants.  These guidelines apply to material shipments to all Trane Technologies' plants and include shipments to 3rd party warehouses linked to those plants. These general guidelines may be customized for unique needs of the receiving Trane Technologies' Plant(s). 

Packaging and delivery efficiency can only be achieved when both the supplier and the Trane Technologies receiving plant work together from proposal to implementation. 

These guidelines have been developed to demonstrate packaging best practices that suppliers are expected to adopt in order to best position themselves to provide defect free parts, maximize production efficiency and ensure safety while minimizing overall packaging and transportation costs to meet each Trane Technologies plant’s operational requirements. 

Trane Technologies' strategic packaging objectives, container selection process, and operating procedures are outlined throughout this document. This document shall not supersede any contractual arrangement that a supplier may otherwise have with IR, nor shall adherence to these guidelines diminish a supplier’s responsibility of delivering defect-free products.

Trane Technologies is focused on sound environmental, safety and health operating practices that are leading to decreased use of hazardous substances; reduced waste and emissions; improved energy and water conservation; greater reuse and recycling of materials; and the prevention of accidents and injuries across our operations. The Trane Technologies guidelines on packaging promote a preferred sequence of Reduce, Reuse or Recycle when considering all types of packaging.

The Trane Technologies receiving plant must approve deviations or alterations from this guideline in advance of first shipments. We encourage our suppliers to take an active role in the ongoing analysis of packaging methods, materials, and cost reduction.

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HVAC Parts and Supply Solutions Standards:

The purpose of the HVAC Parts and Supply Solutions standards are to clearly define packaging and labeling requirements for all items purchased by HVAC Parts that are shipped to a Trane Distribution Center, directly to a Trane Parts Store, or shipped to the end user location.

These documents shall not supersede packaging requirements defined in the Bill of Material or specific product packaging requirements defined on the HVAC Parts purchase order. Labeling standards shall be selected based on application and will be assigned by your HVAC Parts procurement or product management representative. If there are any questions about what requirements apply please contact your HVAC Parts procurement representative.

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