June 1, 2020

A Call for Unity, Equality and Justice

Michael Lamach

Michael W. Lamach, Trane Technologies Chairman and CEO

(This message from Mike Lamach was originally shared with Trane Technologies employees on May 31)

My heart is heavy with recent events, including the tragic and senseless deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor. This spate of losses is yet another blow in a prolonged history of racism, injustice and violence against the black community. This makes me angry and sad about how little progress we’ve made as a nation. 
As a lifelong student of history, I feel it’s incredibly important to remember and learn from the past. I’ve looked back on some of Martin Luther King Jr.’s writings, and feel especially struck by his words “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” To truly change people’s hearts and minds, and ensure our nation and our communities are safe and welcoming for everyone, each one of us needs to fight for equality and justice.
This is a sensitive topic with a long history, and we all come to it from different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. As a white person, there is no way I can fathom the black experience in America. But I can seek to understand, and ask for forgiveness if I offend. I can acknowledge the seen and unseen inequalities I know are happening. Especially in this time of COVID-19, where they have become even more prevalent.
Together, we can strive for unity, equality and justice both in our company and in our communities. We can be part of the conversation, speak the unsaid and stand up for what is right. We can reach out to others who are different from us, spread kindness and support one another.
I am encouraged by how many of you have created safe space for dialogue in our Employee Resource Groups. I am heartened by how we are working together to enhance diversity in leadership and ensure an inclusive and respectful environment. When we talk about challenging possible and reimagining our new reality as Trane Technologies, that means staying true to our values, and doing our part to create a better future for all. 
I ask that each of you be understanding and respectful of one another. I hope for peace and progress as protests continue in communities across the nation. 
Please be safe, and join me in standing against injustice.
Mike Lamach
Chairman and CEO
Trane Technologies

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