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Healthy indoor spaces are good for people, and the planet. That’s why we are compelled to help others see the potential for healthier spaces like we do. We believe that sharing our knowledge will raise expectations for what well-designed spaces can do for the people inside, and the world outside. And that’s how we will move toward a more sustainable future – one space at a time.

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Why experiences indoors matter

Consider all of the ways that indoor spaces touch our lives. But did you know that the energy efficiency and health of those spaces have an influence on our health, and the health of the planet?

Learn more about why IEQ matters.

Trane Technologies – Indoor Environmental Quality in Daily Life  

Now, more than ever before, people are spending most of their time inside.

There is unmistakable evidence that healthier indoor spaces are good for people and efficient spaces are better for the planet.

We’ve innovated for decades to create cleaner, more comfortable, and more efficient places for you to live and work.

Whether it’s homes, schools, offices, public transit or any other dynamic space – Trane Technologies works shoulder to shoulder with businesses and our communities to sustainably create the healthiest, most efficient environments possible – with no trade-offs.

The way you feel, and function indoors is the result of many things existing harmoniously. Each one is critical, so we figure out how they work together and dynamically optimize them to meet the needs of anyone inside.

Getting your day started is something sacred. It’s where you set yourself up for everything in front of you – it’s where you focus, pet a furry friend, and leave a little encouragement for loved ones before you get to work.

Trane is right there with you – leveraging geofencing technology and sensing devices to dynamically optimize your environment regardless of where you are.

Because no one can gear up for a big day if you’re not comfortable. But as we know, the comfort of home is not usually the only place you are.

Each space you enter has a different effect on our safety, our comfort, and our planet. Public transport is a unique part of any day. You’re in it less but surrounded by more.

Feeling safe and healthy on your way to and from work is paramount. We get that. That’s why Thermo King offers the safest, most effective solution that works in the background to reduce the spread of pathogens by sanitizing incoming air and stopping viruses, bacteria, and contaminants from entering the passenger areas.

So keep that mask on and know that we’re doing our part too.

We’ve all got varied and complex things to accomplish throughout the day. Air quality is a foundational element in creating and maintaining healthy and safe indoor spaces. When air quality is improved, we take notice. But it’s important to address the rest of your environment so you can feel productive and passionate about what’s in front of you.

Poor lighting and bad sound design also have an enormous influence, impacting you in ways you may not realize.

Trane uses time controlled, human centric lighting sequences that vary color temperature, intensity and other scientific variables. It’s tied to our natural circadian rhythms so you can be the right kind of productive when you need to be. That’s an impact you can feel – and quantify.

The ability to learn and our overall cognitive growth is directly affected by the acoustics of the spaces we’re in. Trane manages the acoustical quality of the commercial HVAC system, allowing the right amount of ambient sound to keep you focused and let the creativity flow.

The indoor spaces we inhabit are as diverse and unique as we are.

Today, we’re managing for better environments,

Tomorrow, a healthier planet for all.

Healthy Spaces – A Podcast Series

Thinking about healthy spaces is what we do every day. To share our knowledge and passion, we've invited experts and disruptors to discuss how technology and innovation are transforming the spaces, where we live, work, and play.

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Understanding Healthy Spaces  

To create healthier indoor spaces, it’s important to understand the factors that influence the experiences of the people inside. In this primer, we explore the essential elements of indoor environmental quality (IEQ) - along with a collection of strategies and approaches to improve spaces based on their unique profiles and ever-evolving uses.

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Technical publications

Industry publications with contributions from Trane Technologies

  • Healthy Planet, Healthy People - Understanding the relationship between human health and natural systems (May 2022)
    This white paper seeks to unpack the relationship between human health and natural systems, outline the health implications of climate change and nature loss, thereby clearly showing that the planetary crisis is also a health crisis. It provides guidance on how businesses from a wide range of sectors can use this information to drive accelerated climate, nature and equity action.

  • Healthy People, Healthy Business: Embedding a culture of employee health and wellbeing (January 2022)
    Whilst every organization’s journey may be different, the objective to move towards holistic employee health and wellbeing embedded in business strategy, should be consistent. Top-level leadership commitment, a culture of wellbeing, customized and impactful programs, and a sustainable future-looking approach should be the ultimate goal. This report outlines a five-step process for companies to progress in their health and wellbeing journey. Watch the webinar on-demand, featuring a representative from Trane Technologies.

  • ASID Impact Review: Building Design, Systems & Technology Insights Brief (2022)
    Building design, systems, and technology represents the most interdisciplinary part of understanding COVID-19 and the work of interior designers. As new systems emerge and technology advances, this integrative design approach positions interior designers at the intersection of building design and project management.

Topical publications from our partners

  • A New Investor Consensus:  The Rising Demand for Healthy Buildings (May 2021)
    The Center for Active Design, in coordination with BentallGreenOak (BGO), the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI), set out to determine the impact of COVID-19 on demand for healthy buildings and what implications the sector’s response might have for future real estate investment decisions. This report captures the insights of an international sampling of real estate investors representing USD $5.75 trillion total AUM.

  • A Better Box: Optimizing Industrial Spaces for Employee Health and Wellness (March 2022)
    By surveying the latest scientific literature, interviewing industry leaders, incorporating sector-specific best practices and drawing upon results from real estate projects that have successfully achieved Fitwel certification, the Center for Active Design published a comprehensive report aimed at determining what actions are most effective when it comes to supporting health and wellness in the industrial sector. Watch the virtual panel discussion on-demand, featuring a representative from Trane Technologies.