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Forward momentum

We put sustainability at the center of our business and make constant strides to improve the environmental footprint of our own operations. Our progress not only lifts the performance of our business, it serves as a guiding example for our industry and customers.

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ESG Report: Environmental Progress

We have the energy and enthusiasm to get things done

Our people are all in on being part of the solution. Using the same whole-system approach we offer customers, our teams are focused on increasing energy and natural resource efficiency. By taking a leading stance on addressing climate change impacts, we’re showcasing what's possible.

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We're walking the walk by reimagining our supply chain and operations to have a restorative impact.

How we'll do it

From the head of our Environmental, Health and Safety function to the team members in our manufacturing facilities, we're working across our company to achieve carbon neutral operations, zero waste to landfills, net positive water use and reduce our absolute energy use by 10 percent. We're also working to design our systems for circularity, extending their value and life-cycle. These goals are shared by all of our businesses and are actively measured and managed.

The world’s resources aren’t infinite. Urbanization, resource scarcity, and climate change are directly influencing the way we live. With a purpose to boldly challenge what’s possible for a sustainable world, we realize we must lead by example in our own operations. To set the course, we’re improving every facet of our operations: reducing our absolute energy consumption by 10 percent, achieving carbon neutral operations, sending zero waste to landfill, and becoming net positive in water use. In some locations where we operate, watersheds provide drinking water to millions of people. Our goal is to improve access to this critical resource and become net positive in water use along the way.

By developing partnerships to aid in waste diversion and leveraging our innovative teams, we’ll recycle, reuse, remanufacture, and repurpose as much waste as possible leading to zero waste to landfills over time.

From building improvements, such as lighting upgrades, electrified heating, and automated energy management systems to leveraging the power of renewable energy, we’ve significantly reduced our carbon footprint in the past decade and we will continue work beyond these enhancements, investing in clean energy generation and improving our overall electrical grid. Finally, we will lead our industry in the transition to low global warming potential refrigerants. Another vital goal on our path toward carbon neutral operations is a 10 percent reduction in absolute energy use. We’ll continue pushing toward this goal by enabling our businesses to improve energy use by 3 percent annually, updating our operating system to integrate energy efficiency into our standard manufacturing practices.

Through extraordinary leadership and consistent action by our people, Trane Technologies will challenge what’s possible for a sustainable world.

Our Stories

Galway manufacturing facility

The manufacturing team for Thermo King in Galway, Ireland is leading the way toward Trane Technologies’ carbon neutral operations, innovating for the future, reducing environmental impact and contributing to a net-zero future. 

Our Stories

Spool of low-carbon steel 02

We're leading by example in responsible operations, and sourcing low-carbon steel is an important step on the path to net-zero.



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