Our Foundation

Our Foundation is a resource for our company philanthropy and humanitarian work. Its purpose is to develop charitable partnerships that help build comfortable, sustainable, efficient, and educated communities.

In doing so, we maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the communities in which we operate to preserve attractiveness as a place of employment, build employee morale and engagement, be a socially responsible business, maintain trust and credibility during uncertain times and inoculate against problems.

To align our global businesses and employees with a common vision for corporate citizenship, our Foundation has an oversight council called the “Global Citizenship Council.” It is composed of 16 selected leaders from the company’s business units and corporate functions. Nearly 60 percent of the Council is comprised of women or minorities. The Council is chaired by the company’s external communications and reputation management leader.

All Council representatives serve for a two-year period to provide consistency in the long-term support of our global citizenship goals. Members may be re-appointed by the Council Chair to seek continuity of efforts. (full details on the Foundation Governance)

The Council’s mission is to guide the use of foundation resources in support of global, regional or local causes of interest. It meets a minimum of quarterly to approve the use of foundation resources in line with the principles listed below, and reviews our annual citizenship strategy and activities against our goals prior to reporting our progress through our annual report and ESG report.

  • Achieving Impact: Our objective is to make resource investments that lead to measurable, observable changes in people, communities and the environment.
  • Advancing Business-Community Synergy: Corporate citizenship for its own sake is intrinsically valuable. Our philanthropic efforts are responsive to both our communities and our business interests, and effectively use our unique resources.
  • Community Responsiveness: Our philanthropic efforts are responsive to identified needs in the community that are appropriate for our involvement.
  • Employee Preference: The interests and preferences and volunteer efforts of our employees are recognized in the community programs we support.
  • Globalization and Diversity: Awareness of people, issues, communities and environments around the world, is an important element of our corporate citizenship responsibility.
  • Inspiring Progress and Sustainability: Working toward sustainable solutions requires an integrated view of a community and the various issues and indicators that link that community’s environment, society and economy.

It is our Foundation’s policy to focus corporate charitable contributions on those areas recommended by the Global Citizenship Council. Our Foundation will not support contributions to, nor will it sponsor employee involvement with, political organizations, candidates, public office holders, fraternal or labor organizations, or any cause that is inconsistent with the letter and spirit of the company’s Code of Conduct, values, brand promise, and commitment to diversity and inclusion.

In support of our mission to advance the quality of life around the world, our Foundation offers philanthropic programs for our employees and the general public to take part in.

(Click here to see a list of last year’s donor recipients or past Global Citizenship Council meeting minutes from Q1 2019, Q2 2019, Q3 2019, Q4 2019)

Currently, we do not accept unsolicited grant requests at this time. For more information about our programs, please email us at

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