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At Trane Technologies, our strategy to create a sustainable world includes uplifting our people and communities and investing in an inclusive culture where everyone can advance and grow. We celebrate the women pushing us forward and welcome all to join us in making an impact by decarbonizing our industry.

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Trane Technologies is a global climate innovator, solving sustainability challenges through innovation in the heating and cooling industries. Through our brands Trane® and Thermo King®, and our environmentally responsible portfolio of products and services, we bring efficient and sustainable climate solutions to buildings, homes, and transportation.

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Innovating for health at work and home

Living in an industrial zone has its challenges, as engineer Harshitha and her son experienced. Poor air quality limited their outdoor activities and affected their health. But after investing in an air purifier, Harshitha realized the impact of air pollution on her community.

I'm Harshitha, I'm from Bangalore. I'm living in industrial area, here the air which is surrounding us is not that pure because industries are eliminating poisonous gases we cannot even breathe properly. Because of this we cannot take our son outside in the evening to play in the park and we were just sitting inside the house closing all the windows. It was a challenging to us looking at him uh running nose every day but after using air purifier it got reduced. I have seen so many poor people or displaced people who are living just next to the industrial area and they don't have proper shelter they are living in the tents. They don't have anything like air purifier and even they cannot afford. That motivated me to get involved in this Operation Possible. So, I just started looking for an idea which is related to clean air, then I started Googling started discussing with my colleagues and also our managers helped us too and then I got this idea which I have submitted. Due to urbanization trees are being cut and there is no place to plant trees. So, because of that, air which is surrounding us is not getting purified. The idea is put an artificial leaf made up of micro algae. We can just place this artificial leaf on the buildings, we can even place it on the side of the walls. So, doing this can even be used for poor or displaced people. I'm very happy to work with Trane Technologies because we are not targeting only on the business part, we have very unique strategy and purpose uplifting the people culture. It's actually a great opportunity to get involved in Operation Possible. It's a very good journey and I encourage people to give ideas because they can learn so many things in the whole process.

From assembler to production leader

Meet Brittany. She worked as a third-shift assembler at our Vidalia, Georgia plant, then managed a classroom as a teacher, and now leads a team as a production manager at our Columbia, South Carolina plant. She loves the people, the family environment, and watching her team thrive and grow. 

I started out in Vidalia, actually finishing up my college degree. I worked on night shift, I went to school during the day. Once I graduated from college, I actually went to be a teacher for three years, and decided to come back to Trane just for the aspect of it  feeling like a true family. I came back as a team leader, I worked my way up to a group leader, later joined an OpEx team and from there I became a production leader. The best part of working at Trane is the people. Honestly that's probably the best part of my job is just seeing them come in and be successful on a daily basis. There's a ton of opportunity at Trane. It's definitely the place where you can grow and be successful.

Célia's vision for her success

Célia, a skilled HVAC service technician working for our Trane business in France, is breaking boundaries in a field that has historically been male-dominated. But for Célia, what defines success isn't gender. It's a commitment to customers and a dedication to learning and growth. 

My name is Celia and I’m a technician at Trane. I don’t think we should make a difference between men and women. I’m a female technician. Well, I don't consider myself specifically a female technician. I’m just a technician among many others. I think that's the most important thing. I think the diversity of the tasks, the diversity of interventions, the different customers, the different installations, seeing a lot of things. It’s interesting to never do the same thing in the same place. I think there’s always something to learn. Machines are constantly evolving. So, we learn every day. And we have access to trainings if we need them. 

The No. 1 barrier to more women entering the trades is that women aren’t aware of the opportunities, much less the training requirements or what it takes to succeed.

Michelle Murphy

Vice President Human Resources - Americas, Trane Technologies

Michelle Murphy

Welcoming women into HVAC and the skilled trades

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The HVAC industry can fill the growing need for skilled employees in HVAC and other trades by recruiting, hiring, training and retaining women workers.


of construction and trade jobs are held by women


of engineering professionals in HVAC are women

Thriving at work and home

We strive to create a diverse, inclusive culture, where everyone can make an impact. Discover how these women are thriving at work and home.

Dominque Silva writing about positive impact

Dominique Silva is thriving in a career where she preserves the environment and leads employees in developing solutions to create a better world - while also inspiring girls to be STEM leaders of the future.

Alicia Goodwin headshot

Alicia is passionate about her professional development--utilizing company resources and a strong support network--while uplifting young girls in STEM and supporting her local community.

Nora Bafrouri

Nora Bafrouri is successful in her career, as a mother and as a leader of an employee resource group, breaking barriers and uplifting women to thrive at work and home.

Yolanda Warren

Yolanda Warren is thriving at work while breaking the bias and uplifting women in manufacturing.

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