Energy Efficient & Low-Emission Products

Dare to do things differently

Providing sustainable solutions is core to who we are. That is why we are focused on pushing the limits on what is possible for energy efficiency in climate control. These efforts support our goal to reduce our customer carbon footprint by one gigaton of CO2e by 2030 — our Gigaton Challenge.

The CTO and Chief Strategy Officer oversee the work of the company’s strategy and innovation teams. These teams help the businesses understand opportunities related to efficiency and to strengthen their portfolio of products and services both now and in building out the future portfolio roadmap. On the product side, efficiency performance levels are standardized and set by external standard setting bodies (by ASHRAE 90.1 for commercial products or US EPA’s Energy Star designation for examples). For TK, emission levels are set by standards at the country, state and locale levels. Additionally, the services that we provide in addition to products (such as building automation) contribute to a higher level of efficiency performance that is measured through audits and verified by sub-meters or utility consumption reports at the building or sub-building level.

Throughout our strategic businesses’ product portfolios we have opportunities to further enhance both energy efficiency and reduce direct emissions by offering customers many selections of products that go well beyond minimum energy efficiency standards. We also continually improve our energy management service offerings, such as Trane Commercial’s Energy Performance Service. This service provides building automation technology to ensure a building’s mechanical system is consuming electricity when and where it’s needed based on the location of the occupants and the building’s function. To reduce direct emissions we have products, like high efficiency heat pumps, that can lessen the need for natural gas burning furnaces. We also are leading our industry in providing HVAC systems that use the most advanced low-global-warming potential refrigerants. Trane Commercial’s EcoWiseTM portfolio endorses our products that provide higher-than-minimum energy efficiency and are designed for low-GWP refrigerants. Today, approximately 30% of our revenue is Clean Revenue.*

In June of 2020, our Thermo King® business announced the launch of the Advancer truck and trailer unit (TRU) as a re-imagining of the trailer refrigeration unit. The product series offers new design architecture for a bold standard for performance, temperature control, and fleet connectivity. The fuel efficiency of the Advancer is 30 percent better than the market average, and the Advancer’s production line uses 60 percent less energy than that of predecessor trailer production.

Operational Highlights

Clean Revenue*%

*As defined by the Corporate Knights taxonomy for our industry.

*Clean Revenue definition and methodology as defined by Corporate Knights.