Our Products

Providing healthy, safe spaces for homes, hospitals, schools, offices, and transit systems

Our products and solutions provide healthy, safe indoor climate conditioning and transport critical refrigerated goods, like perishable foods and medicines. We do this all without sacrificing sustainability. It’s not a trade off. We believe you can have sustainable climate-control solutions — which are more important than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic — while lowering emissions and creating a more sustainable world.

Re-imagining Trailer Refrigeration

In June 2020, Thermo King® launched the Advancer, a re-imagining of the trailer refrigeration unit. The product series offers new design architecture for a bold new standard for performance, temperature control, and fleet connectivity.

What’s more? The Advancer’s fuel efficiency is 30% better than the market average. With its increased efficiency, sustainable production, variable airflow and lower total cost of ownership, the Advancer represents the future of trailer refrigeration.

Access to cooling and comfort

As global temperatures continue to rise, and other megatrends such as urbanization and resource constraints impact the globe, demand for cooling comfort will continue to increase. At Trane Technologies, we are committed to providing access to cooling comfort through expanded access to sustainable climate-control solutions. 

In 2020, we pivoted focus from cooling and comfort to access to vaccines and healthy spaces due to immediate impact of the pandemic

WHO Vaccine Equity Declaration

To support a more equitable approach, the WHO Vaccine Equity Declaration, signed by Trane Technologies among a host of other organizations and individuals, pledges to help ensure that within the first 100 days of this year, vaccination of health workers and older people will get underway in all countries. Trane is also partnering with governments, community leaders, pharmaceutical companies, non-governmental organizations and healthcare providers to help with vaccine rollouts.

These partnerships are facilitating mass vaccination sites and last-mile vaccine delivery in urban and rural communities across the US, Europe and Asia. For example, we are working with an international public health organization to supply critical cold chain solutions for vaccine distribution in developing and developed countries. And we are collaborating with Novant Health in North Carolina on cold storage and efficient logistics for multiple mass vaccination sites, with a focus on reaching under-served communities.

Beyond vaccines to the air we breathe

Reaching all communities with the vaccine is a critical step in the pandemic recovery. Yet billions of people around the world do not have access to healthy environments. The United Nations reports that “more than 80 percent of people living in urban areas are exposed to air quality levels that exceed WHO guidelines, with low- and middle-income communities suffering from the highest exposures, both indoors and outdoors.” This can increase exposure to contaminants and pathogens like COVID-19 as well as other health risks.

Trane Technologies knew it could convene leaders and catalyze efforts to build resilience for businesses and communities. To advance our efforts, we launched the Center for Healthy and Efficient Spaces (CHES) in September 2020. Led by our Vice President of Innovation & Product Excellence, Rasha Hasaneen, CHES is bringing together experts and technologies inside and outside the company to address indoor environment and sustainability challenges during the pandemic and beyond. 

Children and students fall through the cracks

Nowhere is this problem more pressing than in schools. Aging school buildings with sub-par environments have long been a problem for low-income neighborhoods. Students of all races and ethnicities are affected, yet a US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) study found that more than a quarter of Black students in the country attend public schools worst affected by air pollution.