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GRI 103-1

Our strategy to create a sustainable world includes uplifting our people, culture, and communities. At Trane Technologies, we strive to create a working environment where our employees can grow and advance, and we want our workforce to hold an optimistic vision for their future. We believe enthusiastic employees who are proud to work for our company, energized by their work, and optimistic about the future are more engaged and better able to help our customers.

Maintaining World-Class Engagement

We maintain an annual employee engagement survey to identify areas for improvement in our policies, benefits, and workforce development support. The survey regularly assess how our people feel about the workplace, including topics such as ethics, manager support, inclusion, career development, and work-life balance. The results inform our competitive benefits strategy and help us meet the needs of both our hourly and salaried workforce.

We use a proprietary engagement index to measure Pride, Energy, and Optimism at Trane Technologies. In 2021, we asked our employees to provide feedback about our existing work culture and company purpose. Despite the ongoing challenges from the pandemic, the results were overwhelmingly positive. In 2021, we achieved an average employee engagement score of 79. In our Diversity and Inclusion Index, we scored 76, and we scored 79 in our Sustainability Index, reflecting a high level of engagement. Eighty-nine percent of employees participated in the survey this year. According to benchmarks from our third party survey provider, Glint, our company-wide engagement scores are nearly top quartile among thousands of companies across all industries. We strive to improve our engagement levels every year and create Opportunity for All.

GRI 103-3

Employee Engagement Survey Results

Survey Question
Average Score
Diversity and inclusion index
Belonging — “I feel a sense of belonging at this company.”
Equal Opportunity — “Regardless of background, everyone at Trane Technologies has an equal opportunity to succeed.”
Respectful Treatment — “I am treated with respect and dignity.”
Sensitive Topics — “At this company, I feel comfortable discussing difficult and sensitive topics.”
Sustainability Index
Company Purpose — “Our company is recognized as a global leader in sustainability.”
Company Purpose — “I believe in our company’s purpose to boldly challenge what’s possible for a sustainable world.”
Corporate Citizenship — “Trane Technologies does a good job supporting the communities in which it does business.”

Employee Value Proposition

GRI 103-2

Trane Technologies' employee value proposition

In 2021, we redefined our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and aligned it with our purpose and sustainability strategy. We designed the EVP to further connect employees to our company's purpose, strategies, and leadership principles. The EVP enables Trane Technologies to focus on offerings that are globally relevant, differentiating, and that matter to our current and prospective employees. As a result, we:

  • Maintain an uplifting, engaging culture across the enterprise. 
  • Attract, develop, and retain the best and most diverse talent to align with our company's aspirations.

Employees at Trane Technologies belong to a leading team that shares an even greater purpose: to boldly challenge what's possible for a sustainable world. We are optimistic people who believe in a better future and in the power of inclusion and collaboration to transform tomorrow, today.

Parental Leave

At Trane Technologies, we design our Total Rewards program to meet the needs of our global workforce. We offer market-competitive benefits to employees in every country in which we operate. In some localities, we offer differentiated programs that often exceed regulated requirements. For example, in addition to the paid maternity leave provided through the Family and Medical Leave Act in the U.S., we offer paid leave for four additional weeks to eligible birth mothers. In addition, the program offers birth fathers, adoptive parents, secondary care givers, foster parents, and parents of a surrogate child two weeks of paid leave.

In 2021, 17,819 Trane Technologies team members were eligible for parental leave. Trane Technologies defines eligible team members as salaried/non-union hourly employees. For union team members parental leave is a bargained benefit. Eligible team members receive paid time off to bond with their child after birth, adoption, or foster care placement. Of the 17,819 eligible Trane Technologies team members, 382 took parental leave in 2021.

In 2021 we launched the New Additions program to provide additional support for new parents. To celebrate their parenthood journey, employees receive branded gift boxes that include information to connect them with available resources and to provide important reminders at critical moments — upon registering for maternity or paternity leave; the birth, adoption, or foster placement of child; and in preparation for returning to work.

We provide hourly and salaried employees with adoption assistance to further support families. Our support helps families reduce the costs associated with the legal adoption process by providing reimbursement for expenses related to adoption.

U.S. Parental Leave Return to Work Rate1

Parental leave bar chart

1 Completed benefits in 2021 and were still employed 30 days after completing benefits.

Parental Leave Data (U.S.)

U.S. Parental Leave Data
Employees who were eligible for parental leave
Employees who took parental leave
Employees who returned to work1
Return to work rate
Employees who returned to work and were still employed after 12 months2

1 Completed benefits in 2021 and were still employed 30 days after completing benefits.

2 Completed benefits in 2020 and were still employed 12 months after completing benefits.

Employee Well-Being

Wellness is central to the Trane Technologies EVP. We integrate wellness into our culture through a portfolio of benefits that support physical, social, emotional, and financial well-being so that employees can thrive at work, at home, and in their communities. We offer wellness activities with financial incentives for employees in the U.S. who enroll in our medical plan. Additionally, we recognized the urgent need to enhance our well-being programs at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

How we improved our well-being programs

  • Strongly encouraging all global employees to get COVID-19 vaccinations. We provided all global employees with up to four hours of paid time off per vaccine and booster dose to support vaccine uptake. In addition, the wellness program for all U.S. employees participating in the company-sponsored medical plan provided an incentive for those who completed the full primary COVID-19 vaccination regimen.
  • Giving 100% of our employees access to company-sponsored wellness offerings, including a global Employee Assistance Program. In 2021, we accelerated access to the program in all remaining countries, ensuring all Trane Technologies employees and their family members could access free counseling and other services.
  • Implementing a global wellness platform in 2021, which provides all employees access to online wellness programs covering an array of topics like mindfulness, resiliency, and nutrition. The platform is available to all employees, who can also invite family members to join. By launching this offering, we transformed our annual corporate physical challenge program into a more holistic wellness challenge focused on fitness, nutrition, resiliency, and mindfulness.
  • Completing our first global mental health pulse survey to understand the evolving needs, concerns, and priorities of our employees. In 2021, 15% of our global workforce provided feedback on the survey. An international workstream, sponsored by executive leaders, will use this feedback to expand mental health and emotional well-being services.
  • Providing relief through the Helping Hand program. In 2021, 411 employees received assistance from our Helping Hand Fund, which was created to help associates facing financial hardship immediately after a qualified disaster or an unforeseen personal hardship.

We continue to prioritize support for working parents, with a focus on the lingering challenges of the pandemic. Back-up care and working parent resources have been a long-standing component of our benefits and wellness offerings for our hourly and salaried employees. With increasing need due to the pandemic, we have expanded and enhanced these offerings to better support evolving needs:

  • Increased the back-up childcare and elder care benefit to allow for more coverage days.
  • Added educational resources, including learning pods for school-aged children and online academic and tutoring resources to support working parents.
  • Expanded the Future of Work initiative to create Flex Time and Flex Place policies.

At Trane Technologies, we regularly assess our employees’ compensation for market competitiveness and parity across different genders as well as racial and ethnic groups. We institute rigorous pay practices to ensure we compensate our employees fairly, equitably, and competitively. In the U.S., we pay our workers hourly starting wages that are on average 191% above state minimum wages.