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At Trane Technologies, we are climate innovators with the courage to look at our world's challenges and see endless opportunity. We aren't afraid to make bold commitments that set new standards to enhance the health and well-being of our communities, customers, employees and planet.

As part of our transformation in 2020, we seized the opportunity to work with our employees to refresh our culture to fulfill our new purpose and strategies. We asked employees about our existing culture, identified aspects of our culture to evolve over time, and articulated new leadership principles applicable to all employees.

Our leadership principles incorporate core aspects of who we are and how we will work together as Trane Technologies to achieve our goals as a new company. They serve as a common language for all and set the tone for us going forward. This work shows the true change we are making to transform in 2020 and beyond.

Key Stats


Engagement Score - 90% Participation

Measures pride, energy, and optimism


Of global employees with access to company-sponsored wellness programs


Of key talent retained

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Maintaining world-class employee engagement

We believe employees who are proud to work for our company, energized by their work, and optimistic about the future are engaged and better able help our customers and our company. That’s why we aspire to maintain world-class engagement, world-class safety, and provide leading wellness offerings to 100% of our global population as part of our commitment to enable Opportunity for All. 

Employee Engagement Survey Results

Survey Question
Score (Average)
Diversity and Inclusion Index
Belonging – “I feel a sense of belonging at this company.”

Equal Opportunity Regardless of background, everyone at Trane Technologies has an equal opportunity to succeed.”

Respectful Treatment I am treated with respect and dignity.”

Sensitive Topics – “At this company, I feel comfortable discussing difficult and sensitive topics.”
Sustainability Index
Company Purpose – “Our company is recognized as a global leader in sustainability.” 
Company Purpose – “I believe in our company's purpose to boldly challenge what's possible for a sustainable world.”
Corporate Citizenship – “Trane Technologies does a good job supporting the communities in which it does business.”

Trane Technologies’ engagement index is unique to our company and measures Pride, Energy and Optimism. Our score in 2020 was 80 which reflects high levels of engagement in our new company. These results are very positive, particularly in a year which brought many challenges. 90% of employees at Trane Technologies participated in the 2020 engagement survey.

From the early days of the pandemic, we never wavered from our drive to keep employees healthy, safe, and engaged at work. We encouraged flexible work arrangements with our company and equipped our workforce with support programs such as counseling and back-up childcare. We understand that, during the pandemic, women have exited the workforce at higher rates than men. Among Trane Technologies employees, however, they reported slightly higher engagement levels than men. Read more about our approach to occupational health and safety and learning and development.

Employee Benefits

At Trane Technologies our Total Rewards programs and policies are closely connected to our strategy and designed to meet the needs of employees globally. We provide benefits, programs and pay designed to keep our employees at their best.

We have rigorous pay practices to ensure we compensate our employees fairly, equitably and competitively across many compensation variables. Our compensation practices are based on external norms, extensive data, internal equity, scope and accountability of jobs and performance.

Our incentive compensation programs are tied to our 2030 Sustainability Commitments. Beginning in 2021, executive incentive compensation now is linked to environmental sustainability and diversity goals. 

In all countries, we offer market-competitive benefits. In certain areas, we offer differentiated programs to support employees in achieving their best life, at work and at home, whether through our flexible work policies or through family support programs. For example, in addition to leave offered through Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), we offer an additional four weeks to eligible birth mothers and two weeks to eligible employees following a birth, adoption or foster care placement. 74% of employees were entitled to this enhanced parental leave in 2020. Of those employees, 2% initiated a leave in 2020. We also offer an adoption assistance program. Our overall retention rate was 97.2% for employees who returned to work following parental leave in 2020 and were still employed one month later. 

Parental Leave Data (U.S.)

Employees who were entitled to parental leave
Employees who took parental leave
Employees who returned to work1
Return to work rate
Employees who returned to work and were still employed after 12 months2

1 Completed benefits in 2020 and were still employed 30 days after completing benefits.

2 Completed benefits in 2019 and were still employed 12 months after completing benefits.

“I am so happy to work for a company that finds it just as important as I do to take time with my child when they are born.” 


Many of these benefits are also offered to our part-time employees who work between 20 to 35 hours per week. For those who work less than 20 hours a week, we offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), retirement benefits and an employee purchase program. 

Employee Well-Being

Trane Technologies believes in supporting the total health of our employees, globally, so they lead longer, happier, healthier lives. Through our well-being program, we offer employees and spouses enrolled in our medical plan the opportunity to participate in a broad variety of wellness activities to earn significant financial rewards. The program focuses on physical, mental, emotional, social and financial well-being. 

Knowing the impact of COVID-19, we expanded support to help employees take care of themselves and their families during this challenging time:

  • 100% of our employees around the world had access to at least one company-sponsored wellness activity including a global well-being challenge. Each year, we expand our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to 5-6 countries. This year, we accelerated rollout of our global EAP to 25 remaining countries (final country pending Works Council approvals). Employees received frequent communications on resources, targeted to crisis concerns such as mental health, childcare and education.
  • Amended U.S. medical plans to cover COVID-19 testing and telehealth visits at no cost to employees.
  • Modified Short-Term Disability Plan in the U.S. to eliminate waiting periods and start benefits on the first day of absence for COVID-related illness or required quarantine.
  • Amended 401k plans for U.S. employees to allow for COVID-19 related distributions and a delay for loan repayments without penalties.
  • Back-up care and working parent resource enhancements in the U.S. included:
    • Back-up child and elder care benefit to allow for more coverage days. 
    • Additional educational resources for working parents such as access to learning pods for school-aged children and online academic and tutoring resources.
  • Accelerated Future of Work initiative to create Flex Time and Flex Place policies and resources. Availability varies by role, and includes options such as flexible work hours, compressed work weeks, continued work-from-home arrangements and other creative solutions for employees.
  • Expanded opportunities for financial support through the company’s Helping Hand employee relief fund by creating a grant category for COVID‑19 related expenses. Internationally, 1,083 employees received support totaling $1.37M in 2020.

Additional Employment Data

As a result of our focus on an uplifting culture, our key talent retention rate in 2020 was 97.2%. Our company-wide voluntary retention rate was 93.1%. We had 3,837 new employee hires in 2020, broken down as follows:

New Employee Hires

Total Hires: 3,837
Women (Global):
Overall: 31.1%
Salaried: 34.5%
Hourly: 29.6%
Management: 31.5%
Leadership: 26.3%
Racial & Ethnically Diverse (US):
Overall: 47.9%
Salaried: 23.5%
Hourly: 57.8%