Human Rights

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100% of U.S.-salaried employees are trained on anti-harassment

We have the opportunity to create a better world for everyone. Our commitment to human rights and ethics extends to our suppliers, impacting the communities where we live and work. 

Everywhere we operate, we comply with local laws and regulations while promoting human rights principles that are shaped by international organizations, such as the International Labor Organization and United Nations. Trane Technologies prohibits child and forced labor, discrimination and harassment in the workplace, and addresses freedom of association, work environment standards, compensation and employee privacy. 

Our Code of Conduct, Global Human Rights Policy, and Business Partner Code of Conduct serve as our global minimum business standard for working conditions and human rights. 

Implementing, Promoting and Assessing our Policies

We gather information related to adherence to our Code of Conduct and Business Partner Code of Conduct (BPCoC) to assess and improve our work to advance respect for human rights across our business. Salaried employees in Legal, Human Resources and Global Integrated Supply Chain are assigned a training course on anti-human trafficking based on their job function and associated risks. We conducted approximately 1,081.4 hours of training on anti-human trafficking among relevant employees in 2020. 

As a global company, we are committed to engaging in appropriate, rick-based due diligence of our business partners and suppliers to ensure compliance with international trade laws and regulations. Our relationships with our suppliers, is defined by contracts which are based on lawful and ethical practices. We request that our suppliers adopt and enforce standards similar to those in our Business Partner Code of Conduct.

Our Code of Conduct promotes our policy to all employees and our BPCoC similarly communicates our standards for our business partners and suppliers. Our BPCoC is available in nine languages to ensure accessibility for our business partners around the world. 

Managing Human Rights Risk

Trane Technologies has standard contract language that requires suppliers to comply with our Business Partner Code of Conduct (BPCoC), which requires them to uphold basic human rights. In 2020, we used our supplier risk assessment process to reviews our suppliers’ environmental, social and governance practices, including human rights. We then worked with suppliers on improving conditions. In 2020, all suppliers were found to be in compliance.

Read more about our supply chain management, BPCoC and on-site assessments in supply chain transparency and performance.

Grievance Mechanisms

An essential pillar of our Code of Conduct is that employees speak up if something seems wrong. We encourage all employees to report their concerns through our Ethics HelpLine. The same applies to our external stakeholders and business partners. We investigate all reports, we take action to ensure compliance, and we do not tolerate retaliatory actions. 

Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination

Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity (U.S.): We are proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and we provide equal opportunities regardless of race, sex, color, national origin, creed, religion, pregnancy, age, disability, military/veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, marital status or any legally protected status. 

We are dedicated to this policy when it comes to decisions regarding employment, promotion, demotion, transfer, recruitment or recruitment advertising, layoff or termination, rates of pay or other forms of compensation and benefits. We also enforce it in selections for training, including apprenticeships, as well as any other terms or conditions of employment.

Anti-Harassment: We do not allow harassment and we expect the same from our business partners. This standard is ever more important as shifting demographics reshape the global workforce. To help foster an inclusive workplace, we train 100% of our salaried employees worldwide on anti-harassment annually.

Our policies are available to our employees through our company intranet and include relevant information based on employee location.

2020 has proven the important role non-discrimination and anti-harassment play in building back after the coronavirus pandemic and removing systemic barriers to professional opportunities. Read more about our company culture and commitment to workforce diversity and inclusion

Anti-Harassment Data

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U.S.-salaried employees trained on anti-harassment
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