Learning & Development

Investing in our employees is a business imperative

Sustaining a high-engagement, high-performing culture requires commitment and investment in employee learning and development. Trane Technologies is committed to ensuring our employees have all they need to succeed in their current roles and are well prepared for future ones. 

Investing in our employees — from hourly employees to executives — is a business imperative. We believe the best learning and development happens organically on the job with managers coaching and holding frequent development conversations with their employees. 

We also believe that we have an ecosystem where we are learning all the time, in global town halls, Bridging Connections conversations, our 9-step problem solving processes, feedback from peers, and informal networks. This robust learning permeates every aspect of our culture. And while not formally tracked, this robust learning permeates every aspect of our culture.

Key Stats



Average formal company provided learning & training per employee


Number of Team Leader Development Program (TLDP) graduates in 2020


Number of managers receiving Engaging Your Employees training (EYE) in 2020

Trane Technologies University

Trane Technologies University already had a virtual learning strategy in place when the pandemic hit. Because of this, we were able to quickly accelerate our virtual delivery options in 2020 including:

  • Leadership summits engaging approximately 250 executive leaders worldwide 
  • Virtual delivery of our Women in Action program and Engaging your Employees program for managers 
  • Targeted learning and development courses related to the impact of the pandemic, such as working virtually, resiliency, change management and virtual team development

On Demand Learning – Just Enough & Just in Time

Grow You

In 2020, we launched a global social learning and collaboration portal where employees can connect, learn and engage, called Grow You.

With Grow You, employees can invest less than ten minutes per week to learn about topics such as curiosity, prioritizing your development, ethics, and living our leadership principles. They can also engage and connect with colleagues around the world.

Professional Development Skills

At Trane Technologies, we invite all employees to participate in a development conversation with their manager about key work projects or experiences. We encourage them to leverage the comprehensive set of development and career resources we have available so that they can create meaningful development plans.

We offer numerous online learning courses in professional development skills such as working virtually, resiliency, Microsoft Teams, unconscious bias, effective communication, alert driving, sustainability and more. In 2020, we launched the Lean Institute at Trane Technologies. This online, on-demand training is available in multiple languages and ensures our employees can apply lean skills, such as 5S, waste identification and enabling flow, to everything we do at Trane Technologies. 

Formal Learning & Development

Trane Technologies University also delivers formal learning and development programs to our employees. In 2020, our employees participated in an average of 14 hours per employee of development. Here are some details of our award-winning programs:

Team Leader Development Program (“TLDP”) 

The Team Leader Development Program (TLDP), is an 8-week cohort‐based program that is structured in a learn‐do model (approximately 25% classroom time and 75% application of the skills). During these 8 weeks, participants actively learn and apply the skills throughout the course and are immersed in the experience. Program participants receive one‐on‐one coaching, development, and feedback from mentors to help them build depth and capability. The program further develops skills in teamwork, collaboration, influencing others, leadership and presentation. 

TLDP continues to deliver business results at our manufacturing sites from increases in quality to reduction in cycle time as well as improvements in overall processes.

In 2020, the Team Leader Development Program won the prestigious Business Transformation and Operational Excellence Industry Award for Best Achievement in Cultural Transformation & Sustainability to deliver a high-performing Enterprise Excellence culture.

Team Leader Development Program (“TLDP”) 

As of December 31, 2020, there were 30 certified facilitators who have taught a total of 1,100 Trane Technologies participants in 43 locations globally since the program’s inception in 2014. In 2020, 134 TLDP participants graduated. Here's what our graduates had to say:

  • “TLDP is about growing people, making them better than THEY think they can be, and empowering them to work together to solve problems.”
  • “TLDP has changed my way of thinking. I didn’t have courage to speak up before but am doing that now. Using tools to correct problems shows the team we can fix issues that come up. Thank you all.”

Click here to read more from a recent TLDP graduate

Women In Action

We’re rising to the challenge to make sure women have equal opportunity and support to advance into leadership positions in our company. In this spirit and in support of our 2030 Paradigm for Parity goals, we launched Women In Action. This program provides women leaders with quick, convenient access to content that promotes the development of leadership skills and addresses the unique challenges faced by women in business. The program is delivered online through a series of short videos, book summaries, activities, reflective thinking exercises and virtual connections that provide focused content in specific competency areas. As of December 31, 2020, 309 women have participated in this program. 

“This is one of the BEST things I did in 2020! After months of hard work, sacrifices and balancing everyday responsibilities with the course content, I received my certification of achievement. More importantly, I gained a new perspective on my role and the potential impact I can make in our company. As an engineer, I assumed that my development focus should be technical. I kept waiting for the “right” time to develop my leadership skills. I was wrong because the best time to learn them is NOW!” 


Engage Your Employees

Since the launch of this program, approximately 4,000 Trane managers have completed Engaging Your Employees (EYE). During the fiscal year ended December 31, 2020, we delivered 14 global Engaging Your Employees workshops virtually to approximately 311 managers. Engaging Your Employees helps leaders understand how they influence their teams and how they can create an engaging work environment. After the training, each leader develops a plan of action to address engagement and retention priorities. 

Leaders who completed the program significantly outperformed peers who did not complete the program on direct report employee engagement index score improvements. Historically there has been more than double the improvement in the engagement index score for those who completed EYE versus those who did not complete the program.

Compliance Training Curriculum 

Our Compliance Training curriculum covers key topics that are important to protecting our company, our people, and our customers. Training includes certification in our Code of Conduct, Information Security, Understanding and Preventing Sexual Harassment and Human Trafficking Prevention. All salaried employees globally complete our annual compliance curriculum. Business benefits range from higher employee engagement and increased retention rates to improved technical and leadership skills. 

Learning Governance

Trane Technologies University is governed by an executive board that meets annually to ensure that learning investments are prioritized and that strategies are aligned with the direction of the company. This learning strategy board is made up of Executive Leadership Team members and chaired by the company’s Chief Learning Officer. 

Additionally, the Trane Technologies University Team meets with every business unit president and function head to create an annual learning plan for their organizations. This innovative process promotes efficiency across our global businesses and functions as well as ensuring learning investment decisions are aligned. 

Trane Technologies has a global Learning Leader Council that advances learning together and meets bi-monthly. This council is comprised of the leaders from our technical training teams (e.g., ThermoKing University, Trane University, and Trane Academy). 

Supporting Continuous Learning

Two innovative programs at Trane Technologies are: 

Field Worker of the Future: We are embracing technology that simplifies our efforts and accelerates learning for our field technicians. With technology (like Google Glass), we can enable senior technicians to remotely coach junior employees who are on location at customer sites and in real time. Senior technicians are able to see the equipment and resolve problems with the on-site tech. This radically accelerates technician learning and satisfies customers more quickly.

My Encore Launch: Our company greatly benefits from retaining access to the expertise and experience of retirement-eligible and retired employees. My Encore offers two options for our employees to transition into retirement and continue engaging with the company post-retirement: Phased Retirement allows an employee to work part-time for a specific period before formal retirement; and post-retirement enables a retiree to return for project-based work on a contingent work arrangement or via direct hire.