Learning & Development

Investing in our employees is a business imperative

We are life-long learners, providing all employees development opportunities.

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We provide our employees with comprehensive learning and development solutions designed to support them as they grow in their careers. Employees at every level in the company can access these innovative, impactful learning and development programs. These dynamic learning programs focus on employee advancement and demonstrate our efforts to enhance the future of Trane Technologies employees.

We offer industry-leading learning programs through the Trane Technologies University educational platform and the Trane and Thermo King Business Technical Training Teams. We’re committed to helping our employees gain better economic opportunities by enhancing their professional skills.

In 2021, our employees averaged 11 hours of formal training per year. One hundred percent of salaried employees and sixty-one percent of our total global employee population receives regular performance and career development reviews.

We believe that most career learning and development happens organically on the job. Ninety percent of learning opportunities at Trane Technologies occurs on the job, with 10% provided in a structured environment. An organic learning approach allows our employees to develop their skills in the flow of work and receive real-time support from their manager and peers. Through our commitment to training, we deliver enterprise-aligned learning and development with clear business impacts.

Business Impacts

  • Developing agile solutions that meet evolving business priorities.
  • Enhancing team-based learning and development.
  • Continuing employee development for their current role and the next.
  • Nurturing a feedback-rich environment.
  • Mentoring leaders who build capable teams.
  • Supporting a coaching culture.
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Members of the Enterprise Learning Team and Technical Learning Teams meet with Trane Technologies’ six Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Presidents and Function Heads throughout the year to align on workforce development strategies. The members assess talent development needs and create targeted learning programs for each SBU's workforce. Additionally, our Global Learning Leader Council, chaired by Trane Technologies University's Chief Learning Officer (CLO), meets bimonthly. The council comprises learning leaders who oversee our educational programs, platforms, and process.

Trane Technologies University’s CLO meets with our CEO and Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) biannually to discuss education and training initiatives. During these reviews, the CLO, CEO, and CHRO work to ensure alignment between the company’s enterprise strategy and our workforce’s future learning and development needs.

Our learning oversight process guides our educational investment decisions to the most relevant learning materials for our workforce. Our Eneterprise Leadership Team and Board of Directors prioritize education and ensure investment each year to support the continuous upskilling of our workforce.

Learning & Development Resources

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Team members can access resources on our intranet to learn at their own pace through on-demand training. We encourage employees to reflect on their training and ask questions like, “What resources do I need to perform in my current position?" “How can I perform better at my current tasks?” “What do I need to learn to prepare for my next role?” We provide our employees with access to several unique platforms and a variety of programs to advance their skillsets. This robust on-demand training develops potential leaders from across our global operations and helps us create Opportunity for All.

Trane Technologies University

In 2021, we redesigned every Trane Technologies University program to align with our company’s purpose, strategy, leadership principles, and diverse and inclusive culture. Virtual delivery continued in 2021, which allowed employees to self-pace their training and reflect on processes to apply their new skills. Trane Technologies University is proud to offer two innovative leadership programs that coach employees at pivotal career points and help them transition into leadership positions.

Leading for impact infographic
Executive Leadership program infographic

Leading for Impact Program

We created this 16-week program for Mid-Career High-Potential Leaders to help them develop a growth mindset, communicate more effectively, build their influencing skills, and take steps to own and accelerate their careers.

Executive Leadership Program

This six-month program for Executive High-Potential Leaders develops and accelerates a mindset that boldly challenges what’s possible for a sustainable world. Learners build skills in three critical leadership dimensions: Strategy, Executive Leadership, and Execution skills.

3 Internal Channels of Learning

  • The MyLearning Platform promotes leadership and development content to employees through a user-friendly dashboard. MyLearning is a one-stop learning platform for employees to track the time they spend on professional development. We use MyLearning to deliver the Inclusive Culture Learning Program, which prioritizes inclusivity through self-reflection and real-life scenarios. Additionally, the MyLearning Platform hosts several self-paced learning paths, such as Gender Equality in Leadership that educates employees on how to navigate gender-related differences in the workplace.
  • The Trane Technologies University “Grow You” channel delivers on-demand and just-in-time micro-learning content on resiliency, change, and curiosity skills, as well as Lean and Agile leadership topics.
  • Our online Global Learning Library hosts thousands of training programs, audiobooks, and videos. Employees can select a learning competency profile through the library and sign up for customized emails that suggest learning content based on their profile selections. Users can earn and share badges by completing specialized topic modules and obtain externally recognized certificates, like those offered by the Project Management Institute. Since the launch of the Global Learning Library in June 2021, approximately 5,800 employees have attended 35,000 hours of training and earned 8,700 badges.

The Micro-Learning Concept

The Micro-Learning Concept

Trane Technologies launched the Grow You channel in 2020. The innovative concept provides micro-learning opportunities for our team members by quickly pushing comprehensive content to their intranet dashboards. Learning modules include short videos and interactive elements to engage employees on topics aligned with Trane Technologies’ enterprise priorities. The Grow You channel publishes content monthly to ensure employees have a chance to continuously learn and engage with their colleagues across the globe.

“Amazing! A strong step in the learning experience for every single Trane Technologies employee.”

Services Leader, Trane Commercial EMEA

“Happy to see we have access to such great learning content and can take charge of our own development!”

Innovation Initiatives Leader, Corporate, EMEA

Development & Engagement

Women's Development Programs

We’re rising to the challenge to make sure women have equal opportunity and support to advance into leadership positions in our company. We designed our suite of women’s learning programs to equip women at various stages in their careers with the tools and resources needed to achieve success. Read more about our women’s development programs in People: Diversity & Inclusion.

Engage Your Employees

Engaging Your Employees (EYE) helps leaders understand how to create a supportive work environment. After completing EYE training, each leader develops a plan to address engagement and retention priorities. Approximately 4,100 managers have completed EYE since the program's launch in 2013. In 2021, Trane Technologies delivered 11 global EYE workshops to approximately 215 managers. Leaders who participate report higher engagement scores for their employee engagement index surveys; some score 7+ points higher than previous years.  

Team Leadership Development Program

The Team Leader Development Program (TLDP) is an eight-week, cohort-based program available to hourly employees at our manufacturing sites. Participants spend 25% of their time in a classroom setting, and 75% of their time learning in real-time, on the job. During these eight weeks, participants actively learn and apply their new management and communication skills. Program participants receive one-on-one coaching, development, and feedback from mentors to help them build their leadership capabilities.

The TLDP program helps potential managers build teamwork skills and focuses on collaboration. Since the programs inception in 2014, 30 certified facilitators have taught over 1,100 Trane Technologies participants in 43 locations globally. In 2021, 56 participants in our manufacturing sites graduated from the TLDP.

Each TLDP graduate moves into a leadership role by supporting a team of approximately eight employees on production lines. Since the program's inception, Trane Technologies has seen twice the promotion rate compared to those who do not complete the TLDP.  

“I’ve been in management positions before, but the tools we learned in TLDP really helped with how to approach people. [The program] made me view everything differently and look at each process to see how I can make things simpler with my processes for myself and for my team. It also gave me a lot of confidence in boosting people up. My main focus is the team. That’s what really makes it is the team, the people.”

1st Shift Team Leader, Panama City, Florida
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Graduate Training Program

We designed the five-month Graduate Training Program (GTP) to prepare promising engineers for a rewarding career in technical sales. Recognized as the industry’s most comprehensive training program, the GTP provides intensive technical, business, sales, and leadership training, emphasizing ethical and professional standards. Graduates move into an immersive, six-month, on-the-job training role and mentoring period before taking on their new career path at Trane Technologies.

The GTP attracts promising engineering talent from universities worldwide. Since 1926, over 7,000 Trane Technologies Account Managers worldwide have completed the GTP, and in 2020 and 2021, we conducted the first-ever hybrid GTP with virtual and on-site meetings. In 2021, 90 engineers completed the program.

Leadership Education Advancement Program

We designed Trane Technologies’ Residential Leadership Education Advancement Program (LEAP) to introduce our brands, products, programs, leadership principles, and sales tools to internal Account Managers and external Territory Managers. Since the launch of LEAP in 2017, over 230 people have completed the program. In 2021, we conducted the 17-week program virtually and advanced 22 graduates. In 2022, we kicked off the first of two hybrid cohorts with virtual and in-person training.