SASB Disclosure

Our 2019 ESG Report marks our second time reporting to the SASB framework. As a diversified industrial manufacturer, the nature of our business does not fit squarely within one industry as defined by the Sustainable Industry Classification System. Our reporting process considered the standards for the Electrical & Electronic Equipment and Industrial Machinery & Goods industries. We used SASB’s five-factor test of interest to a reasonable investor to determine which topics are material to our business.


Topic Accounting Metric Category Unit of Measure Code Response
Accounting Metrics Number of products produced by category Quantitative Number RT-EE-000.A; RT-IG-000.A Proprietary
Number of employees Quantitative  Number RT-EE-000.B; RT-IG-000.B  47,178 employees
Energy Management (1) Total energy consumed, (2) percentage grid electricity, (3) percentage renewable Quantitative  Gigajoules (GJ), Percentage (%) RT-EE-130a.1; RT0203-01 3,720 billion KJ energy consumed; 84% grid electricity; 16% renewable
Product Life Cycle Management Percentage of products by revenue that contains IEC 62474 declarable substances Quantitative  Percent (%) by revenue RT-EE-410a.1 Data not available
Percentage of eligible products, by revenue, that meet Energy Star® criteria Quantitative  Percent (%) by revenue RT-EE-410a.2 35% of shipments
Revenue from renewable energy-related and energy efficiency-related products Quantitative  Reporting currency RT-EE-410a.3 Approximately 25% revenue from products and services that contribute to the clean energy transition and we ranked #66 on Corporate Knights Clean200