Company Culture

Our values — integrity, respect, teamwork, innovation and courage — continue to drive our winning culture that empowers people to be curious and courageous in the face of big challenges. Our success is grounded in not just what we do, but how we do it. Engaged employees — who are energized and passionate about what they do — are critical to profitable growth and execution excellence.

As megatrends in workforce dynamics such as digital connectedness reshape the structure and meaning of work, it is more important than ever to be an employer of choice. We believe employees who are engaged, empowered and supported to be their best are better able to deliver for our customers and our company. That’s why we aspire to maintain world-class engagement metrics and provide wellness offerings to 100% of our global population as part of our 2030 Sustainability Commitments.

We were able to maintain a world-class employee engagement score in 2019, a year which brought uncertainty for many employees as we evolved from Ingersoll Rand to Trane Technologies. We did this by never wavering from our drive to keep employees safe and investment in their success, which held our employee engagement score steady and at top-tier levels in our industry. Across our enterprise, we create a safety-focused, zero injury and incident philosophy that is a top priority for all. Additionally, at all levels of the company, we offer learning solutions that foster collaboration, innovation and achievement. Read more about our approach to occupational health and safety and training and development.

Key Metrics from Employee Engagement Survey

Topic Survey Question Score (Average)
Ethics Leaders at this company are committed to ethical business practices 81
Well-being The company supports my health and well-being 82
Sense of belonging I feel a sense of belonging at this company 76

We offer competitive benefits and programs that support employees in both their professional and personal lives. Health Progress, our well-being program, offers employees and their spouses enrolled in our medical plan the opportunity to participate in a broad variety of wellness activities to earn significant financial rewards. The program includes physical activity, health coaching and fitness reimbursement.

Our comprehensive benefits packages to full-time employees includes health coverage (medical, dental and vision), life insurance, disability insurance, employee savings program (401K) and employee assistance program (EAP). Additionally, we have a parental leave policy, provide adoption assistance and have a tuition assistance reimbursement program. Many of these benefits are also offered to our part-time employees who work between 20–35 hours. For those who work less than 20 hours, we offer an EAP, retirement benefits and an employee purchase program. Read more about our benefits program.

As a result of this focus on a winning culture, our key talent retention rate in 2019 was 96.1%, up from 95.6% in 2018 and exceeding our 2020 target of 95%. This takes into account our voluntary turnover rate of 10.0% and total turnover rate of 14.5%.

Parental Leave Data (U.S.)* Female Male
Employees who were entitled to parental leave 4,709 13,725
Employees who took parental leave 130 312
Employees who returned to work 124 306
Employees who returned to work and were still employed after 12 months 106 277
Return to work rate 95% 98%
Retention rate 85% 91%

*Parental leave benefits vary by location in accordance with local legal requirements. Data in table is for U.S. locations.

Bold Commitments. Tangible Progress.

Improving the Workplace for Working Moms

When Kristin Myers returned to work in our Davidson, North Carolina office after maternity leave, she was able to find a private place to pump her breast milk. But when traveling to other company facilities, she found accommodations lacking. "Pumping is so stressful, and these locations didn't make it any easier," Kristin said. "It's hard enough for moms to be away from their new babies; I knew I needed to do something to help other moms."

Kristin worked with Alli Cromartie, a global Health Progress leader, to develop a guide to implement mother’s rooms throughout North America. As a result, some locations have already created a mother’s room, and others will be ready by the end of 2019 or in early 2020. We now also reimburse the cost of shipping breast milk back home during business travel. This is a great example of how great employee’s ideas drive change and improvement.