Product Reliability and Safety

The safety and reliability of our products are imperative. We thoroughly incorporate safety and reliability into all phases of our product development process — from research through manufacturing to installment and service. During phase two of theIngersoll Rand Product Development Process (IRPDP), our team identifies risks related to environmental, health and safety (EHS) and/or sustainability considerations in compliance with related codes that affect the product. 

We measure the health and safety of our products through serviceability, reliability and durability. These metrics evaluate the initial quality and the time it takes to resolve a design issue from the moment it is first identified. We are operating at world-class levels for quality, design and cost — 80% of projects meet quality, design and cost goals. 

Our standard practice is to comply with regulations and various voluntary codes concerning product labeling and service information, marketing communications and customer safety. Each of our businesses has a designated legal counsel who follows a process for addressing issues of noncompliance in these areas. Due to market differences, each business is responsible for tracking noncompliance-related incidents. We do not collect this data or make general statements on this topic at the enterprise level.