Social Impact of our Products

Our products and services create comfortable, sustainable and efficient environments that improve quality of life. As global temperatures continue to rise, and other megatrends such as urbanization and resource constraints impact the globe, demand for cooling comfort will continue to increase. Our team is at the forefront of innovating where these global trends intersect with buildings, industrial processes and transportation needs. In short, people need sustainable access to cooling comfort and healthy food, and we help through expanded access to sustainable climate-control solutions.

We leverage leading-edge technologies to model and simulate our products in their design phase and beyond to deliver optimum solutions that reduce energy use and improve efficiency. For example, our Trace 3D™ software is a standard used by many building experts to optimize energy use in buildings resulting in substantial energy and cost savings; and Trane Intelligent Services continue to be at the forefront of energy optimization contributing in cost-effective energy savings improvements.