COVID-19 Response

Challenges none of us expected

The COVID-19 pandemic created challenges none of us ever expected to see. At Trane Technologies, we have a large workforce around the globe, engage with tens of thousands of customers and impact the lives of millions of people. Our response to the crisis was critical not just to our employees and customers, but to all the communities we serve. 

As the breadth and depth of the pandemic became apparent, we remained steadfast to our core strengths and strategy. That meant maintaining world-class employee safety, acting with integrity in all we do, supporting our communities and continuing to focus on our commitment to build a more sustainable world. 

There are data points throughout this report that will look unique this year and potentially in the future because of the short- and long-term impacts COVID-19 has had on our industry and business. Where possible, we provide additional information and explanation.

Our Employees

Our team quickly formed a Pandemic Response Team that was responsible for developing policies and procedures to protect our employees, monitor and implement World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, and connect with other companies to identify best practices. As a manufacturer of HVAC and cold chain solutions, the well-being of our frontline production and technician team members was the most important factor in our decision-making process. We successfully:

  • Trane Technologies expanded our employee relief fund to support employees impacted by health or financial hardship from COVID-19 in 2020
  • Reconfigured thousands of workstations to meet social-distancing guidelines
  • Implemented active screening at all operations and required all employees to wear face coverings and perform a self-assessment each day before work
  • Completed over 50,000 audits or touch points with our employees to ensure everyone followed COVID safety protocols
  • Implemented travel restrictions, limited meeting sizes, and continued to have flexible work arrangements, enabling employees who could perform their job responsibilities remotely, to do so
  • Provided back-up day care and enhanced working parent resources in the U.S.
  • Amended U.S. medical plans to cover COVID-19 testing and telehealth visits at no cost to employees
  • Enhanced Short-Term Disability Plans for hourly employees in the U.S. to eliminate a waiting period for COVID-19-related illnesses or required quarantine
  • Provided frequent communications and webinar resources targeted to crisis concerns such as mental health, childcare and education

Solutions for cleaner air and healthier spaces

Trane Catalytic Air Cleaning Systems

The Trane Catalytic Air Cleaning system includes a multilayered approach to in-duct air cleaning including special filtration, photocatalytic oxidation and UV light systems to remove pathogens and particulates from the air in health care facilities. In areas with specialized needs, such as isolation rooms and operating theaters, proper pressurization and airflow keep pathogens from spreading. We prioritized the needs of healthcare facilities, as well as operations like research laboratories and pharmaceutical manufacturers, providing specialized climate solutions to meet strict standards in air quality.

Learn how a Thailand resort used our innovative air cleaning solutions to improve their indoor environment and increase guests’ confidence.

Our Customers

Our products and services improve comfort, quality, and health of indoor environments in homes, buildings and mass transit, and support the safe transport of food, vaccines, and medicine. During the pandemic these solutions became even more important as the world looked to safely reopen offices and schools and bring life-saving vaccines to the global community. Partnering with our customers on the right solutions was a top priority. 

Preserving the Great Indoors

To address these rapidly evolving expectations and market needs, Trane Technologies launched the Center for Healthy and Efficient Spaces (CHES) to convene leading internal and external experts to advance indoor environmental quality (IEQ) policy, strategies and solutions; establishing a roadmap for more resilient and sustainable communities and spaces.

Through idea exchange, research, partnership development and advocacy, the Center guides our efforts, and those of our industry, on issues tied to the effect that indoor environments can have on the health, productivity and well-being of people - while continuing to advance sustainable outcomes for the world.

Distributing Vaccines to the World

Considering the urgent, global need for protection from COVID-19, and the ongoing need to distribute vast quantities of vaccine, the world can’t afford breaks in the cold chain. Our Thermo King refrigerated transport and storage products [-70C to +40C] for air, ocean and road, as well as our flexible storage solutions, are being used throughout the cold chain - including at vaccine administration locations. We are helping move the vaccine to the people who need it across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Middle East and to all 28 countries in Europe. That means partnering with pharmaceutical and logistics companies, local health boards, governments and international aid organizations to ensure safe, timely delivery to even the most logistically complex and remote regions.

Our Communities

In support of the COVID-19 response, teams across the organization pivoted to quickly create solutions for emergency funding and support for both key community partners as well as employees in need. 

  • Trane Technologies Foundation created a COVID-19 relief fund to support employees impacted by health or financial hardship from the virus 
  • The Foundation provided nearly $1 million in matching funds to supplement contributions employees made to support their colleagues 
  • Thermo King provided significant discounts to support an emergency food effort that delivered approximately 65,000 meals to needy families in rural New York counties
  • Thermo King also provided on-site refrigeration to a food pantry in Panama City, FL for 40,000 pounds of food that fed 2,000 people 
  • The Foundation directed hundreds of thousands of dollars to local community organizations to support critical needs such as daily transportation to emergency day programs for homeless students in Charlotte, NC and relief grants for families in Davidson, NC to cover essential household needs
  • Our CHVAC teams helped hospitals prepare for a high volume of COVID-19 patients