Occupational Health & Safety

Aiming for zero injuries and zero incidents

Key Stats


lost-time incident rate per 200,000 hours worked in 2021


of employees say Trane Technologies is committed to safety


work-related fatalities for the past 3 years

We take a proactive approach to occupational health and safety (OHS) and provide our workforce with the tools they need to stay safe at their worksite. Trane Technologies prioritizes a safety-focused culture and strives to achieve zero injuries and zero incidents across the enterprise.

Safety at Trane Technologies starts at the top, with our Chair and CEO, Dave Regnery, overseeing the company’s OHS strategy. Our Behavior Based Safety program establishes a global structure to promote open discussions with management and employees regarding work-related hazards and safety issues. We communicate safety expectations through CEO town hall meetings as well as monthly meetings at both the facility and service organization levels. These meetings raise awareness of safety risks and preventive measures while providing a channel through which employees can share best practices.

Occupational Health & Safety Strategy

At Trane Technologies, we’re building a data-centric OHS strategy to track safety metrics across the organization. We use these metrics to evaluate the company’s progress towards its OHS goals and identify opportunities to make policy improvements. The quantitative metrics and qualitative feedback we collect from employees inform our approach to training procedures and OHS education.

We implemented a 2030 goal to achieve and maintain world-class safety performance, defined as a lost-time incident rate (LTIR)1 of 0.06 and a total recordable incident rate (TRIR)2 of 0.60. In 2021, we achieved an LTIR of 0.10, a 1% reduction over a 2019 baseline, and a TRIR of 0.95, a 10% increase over a 2019 baseline. Read more about our OHS metrics in the ESG Data Center.

2021 Occupational Health and Safety Data

Total recordable incident rate (per 200,000 hours worked)1
Lost time incident rate (per 200,000 hours worked)2
Employee lost time frequency rate (per million hours worked)
Contractor lost-time frequency rate (per million hours worked)
Employee occupational illness frequency rate (per million hours worked)
Work-related fatalities
Total hours worked (among employees and supervised employee contractors)
Number of Lost time Incidents per million hours worked

1 (recordable injuries x 200,000) / total hours worked by employees

2 (recordable injuries resulting in lost work time x 200,000) / total hours worked by employees

We provide employees with the tools and knowledge they need to perform their jobs safely. When an incident occurs on the job, we seek immediate medical care for the employee and take temporary containment actions if needed. We conduct full investigations into the incident with root cause analysis and take corrective actions where appropriate.

WellspehereTM Digital Management Solutions

In 2021, Trane introduced new digital indoor environmental quality management solutions that provide building owners and facility managers with actionable insights for healthier and more efficient indoor spaces and occupant peace of mind. Trane’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Services connect monitoring and control solutions to achieve optimal air quality and HVAC efficiency. The new IAQ dashboard brings monitoring to life and allows building owners to visualize the system and collect performance data.

“We’re pleased to combine our unmatched building insights and data with new capabilities that keep building managers more informed and in control of their air quality and energy efficiency.”  —Donny Simmons, President, Commercial HVAC Americas

Our OHS auditing program follows Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements and includes our internal EHS management guidelines, which often go beyond regulations. During the audits, we look for safety violations and workplace hazards that could endanger personnel. When our audit team identifies an OHS risk, we require the facility to take corrective action to enhance safety.

Our Ongoing COVID-19 Response

In 2021, our Global COVID Pandemic Response Team proactively responded to the ever-changing needs of managing through a global pandemic. The team worked diligently to evaluate the latest country, state, or local health guidance and incorporate necessary actions into Trane Technologies’ requirements to protect our employees, operations, and customers. We continued mitigation efforts such as active screening, the use of face coverings, social distancing, travel restrictions, remote work where possible, limiting meeting sizes, and disinfection protocols. We invested millions of dollars into our facilities’ HVAC systems to enhance IAQ. We also performed approximately 75,000 COVID-related inspections within our operations and customer locations throughout the year to verify that our pandemic protocols were followed.

1 Injuries resulting in lost labor time x 200,00 / total hours worked by employees

2 Recordable injuries x 200,000 / total hours worked by employees